Reps N sets gym- making a dream into reality.

by Elisha watson in Heddon On The Wall, England, United Kingdom

Reps N sets gym- making a dream into reality.
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From being a young age I have had an extreme passion about fitness. My dream is to open, and successfully run a gym/fitness centre.

by Elisha watson in Heddon On The Wall, England, United Kingdom

I am looking to open a gym/fitness centre called Reps N Sets. It has always been a dream of mine to help people gain a healthier lifestyle and not become an obesity statistic. I love to help people and I believe I have the skill and knowledge to execute a profitable business. 


Executive summary 

My business idea is to open, and run a successful gym/fitness centre. 

In the first year:

  •  I expect to secure a location unit and make a great start to purchasing the commercial equipment required to having the best, most competitive gym in the area of Newcastle! 
  • I expect to have a good client base with interest coming in daily.
  • I expect to build a brilliant customer service and bonds with each and every client.
  • I expect my business name to be known and recognisable.
  • I expect to have basic commercial equipment, shower and toilet facilities, changing facilities, a child friendly zone and an office inside the building. 

In the third year:

  • I expect to be able to turn a profit per annum.                         
  • I expect to have a large returning client base that is actively expanding.
  • I expect to have a well maintained social media page and website for additional advertising, which explains all of the pricing, class, location and company details.
  • I expect to have employed around 4-5 staff, creating jobs in and around the community... these will include, a receptionist, a physical trainer, a cleaner, a DBS checked child minder and a health and safety regulator.  

In the fifth year:

  • I expect to have expanded with more equipment to cater to larger quantities of clients in the gym at one time. 
  • I expect to have employed a further 3-4 staff to correlate with the increase in traffic throughout the gym this is to ensure a safe and calm environment.
  • I expect to be regularly holding different classes along side my physical trainer for different groups of clients so I am able to cater to all walks of life.

I expect to be fully operational, with all amenities in full use and potentially expanded to accommodate higher volumes of traffic.

Cash flow

I believe I should see my first year requiring a lot of financing to cover, building rental, basic utilities, business rates, membership software, insurances, commercial equipment purchase, protein products advertising and building adaptations and any construction work required. 

This should be eventually made back by offering: daily, monthly and yearly membership schemes, chargable specialised classes- such as spin class, weight training, bums and tums etc, selling optional protein supplements after work outs, chargable child facilities and other various things.

About me

Well, where do I begin. My name is Elisha Watson, I am 18 Year old and I have 2 children- aged 2 year and 5 month. From the age of 10 I have been, and still am a carer for my physically and mentally disabled mother. I was home schooled from the age of 13, which I found much more suitable as I was taught extremely valuable life lessons such as handling finances in real life situations, I watched my father running his taxiing business and learnt of all that is required to ensure success and profit. I was also in real life daily situations, meeting new people and growing relationships with all different kinds of business owners and employees. I also learned the invaluable skill of independence and time management. 

I have always had a passion for keeping active and fitness. I would regularly visit my local council funded gym to work on my body physique. I love to learn about nutrition and how foods affect our bodies.

I have a high level of determination and work ethic; I refuse to let a small obstacle get in the way of my success and freedom.

I strive to exceed expectations and always ensure a job is done efficiently, effectively and in good time scale to the best of my ability.

I am currently awaiting HSE approved first aid training and I am training as a personal trainer so I can save costs by offering training from myself on occasions cutting out the need to splurge on third party trainers a lot of the time. 

Products and services

  • Daily, monthly and yearly membership schemes. 
  • Protein and nutritional supplements. Such as protein bars, bottled water, post work out protein shakes.               
  • Specialised classes - spin class, bums and tums, high intensity training, abs class, first timers, cardio and weight training. 

Branded merchandise- protein shake cups, T-shirts, hoodies, meal planners, water bottles and diary’s.

The market

The market is wide open to a majority of individuals from the area. Be it parent/carers, teenagers, those recovering from injury, those wishing to shred some weight, first timers, body builders or even just Susan from book club! A gym is a place where practically anybody can find something suitable for them. 

I believe I will rise above competitive gyms and become a “personal favourite” by offering better facilities and amenities, a warmer and more relaxed customer service and regular advertising and “deals.”

Out of 100 local people asked from Newcastle, I came up with these results...

I really appreciate your time in reading this. I only hope that you have liked my proposal... I have spent hours upon hours researching what is needed and how it is gained to run a gym. Now it all relies on financing. 

Have a wonderful day and thank you for your consideration.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A public mention on my social media page for either yourself or your business... who doesn’t love a bit of gratitude advertising.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Your name or business name displayed inside the gym for 12 months to show all clients how this gym came to be, and who made it possible.

£200 or more

£200 Reward

A full year unlimited pass into the completed gym, starting on a date that suits you!

£500 or more

£500 Reward

1-1 training sessions over 6 weeks one we’re open, dates and time to be confirmed by you

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