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On 3rd January 2017 we successfully raised £4,429 with 194 supporters in 21 days

Fund an opinion poll which will boost MP confidence in supporting our campaign; a 'safety net' should Parliament vote to invoke Article 50

by Charles Seaford in London, England, United Kingdom

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This is the maximum we will need to cover costs should one of the two other funders not deliver

Influence the Brexit vote

We are approaching a critical moment with Brexit – the parliamentary vote on the triggering of Article 50. We believe that Parliament will vote for Article 50 out of respect of the referendum result. 

If this Act is passed unamended, then even if there is a change in public mood, Brexit is probably inevitable.

But we are campaigning for an amendmentwhich ensures that Parliament sets priorities for the negotiations and exit from the EU will only happen once Parliament approves the final terms. If there is a change in the public mood, Parliament can stop the process.  So this just could be the small thing that makes the difference. 

The amendment requires support from Conservative rebels as well as the Opposition.  However the main reason it might not pass is the fear many Labour MPs have of losing votes from leave supporters. So a crucial part of the campaign is an opinion poll to demonstrate that Labour will not suffer electorally from supporting this amendment, and indeed many MPs are less likely to lose their seats.

We have done some analysis that shows this, but a professionally conducted opinion poll would strengthen our case enormously.

The total budget for the poll is £12,000 but we are hoping to secure £8,000 from grant funding and a major donor.

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