Represent Liverpool and UK at Rio Carnival 2017

I Simone Reeves, mother of 2 little girls and wife,live in Liverpool since 2005, now a british citizen i still work on spreading...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I Simone Reeves, mother of 2 little girls and wife,live in Liverpool since 2005, now a british citizen i still work on spreading Brazilian culture here and all over the country. I have been offered the enormous opportunity to parade at Rio Carnival 2017 as a Muse/Highlight, thats the next down from been Queen of the samba school! Its the stuff of my dreams, an accolade i wished but never expected to achieve before, never mind now after 2 babies. I went from discovering i could samba after moving over here, to improving myself watching online videos from my most favourite Rio samba dancers, and becoming a fully fledged samba dancer and performing at amazing events such as the London Olympics Closing Ceremony. This fund will cover what it entails to be a Muse/Highlight- the position and the costume plus the airfare only. The rest of the expenses ill be covering myself- accommodation, travel to and from the Community Quarter- which is very far from Rio centre, private lessons with top instructors to improve myself as you can never stop learning, and general expenses.  I will stay with modest local family at a favela, and pay for my staying thus contributing localy, and will use the general means of transport to and from rehearsal as taxi would be a phenomenal price due to the far distance beteen Rio city and the favela community i have to commute to for rehearsals and costume trial. I also will have the task and invest on getting my body into the fittest shape ever and get rid of baby belly and all the wobble as this will be 1h 20 min of parading and dancing like i never danced before with a very heavy costume next to some of the most beautiful women and bodies you could ever see.
This will be enriching for me as a person and as an artist, but also for community projects that i will get involved in the favelas while i am there too, i hope to have a good cultural exchange and be inspired and come back full of fresh ideas to help our local young communities and grow our local samba/carnival/parade and dance groups.
I have had very hard days in my life, i pulled through it all, i help many causes all year around, and so maybe its ok that i try to do this for myself and hopefully some of you will be able to help me achieve this. They are holding this position for me until a couple days before Christmas when i need to let them know if i am going or not. Whatever happens i thank you very much!

Here the first video i have done for this: