Replacing shoes lost on a night out

Replacing shoes lost on a night out

As stated in the title, I am just looking for caring people to help me replace shoes which i lost after/on a night out.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

So basically, as you do, I recently went a bit wild on a night out. After starting the bank holiday session at around 3pm, having a few drinks locally, things seemed to really heat up. By 5 we were in 'As you like it' necking cocktails and making fools as ourselves. 

We decided to visit the Hancock, which is where we thought it would be a good idea to have a burger each here.  A word of warning, while the burgers themselves are not too bad, they actually come with burnt buns, probably as dark as my feet when I eventually got home. 

Moving on from here, with the taste of cocktails still fresh in our minds, we moved on to the infamous 'SGT Peppers'. A few more 'house' cocktails in and things were already starting to get a bit blurry. But being from Newcastle, and possibly having slightly alcoholic tendancies, we decided to carry on, and start hitting the alcohol harder. 

We left SGT Peppers at around 8/9, and headed towards the gate, unsure whether to try our luck at the casino, or just hit Players or Beyond for our next drink... While we decided, we decided it would be prudent to visit Maddisons for a couple of Jaeger Bombs, and some of thier ridiculously strong vodka. Unfortuantely, after doing this, the former plan won out, and as you may have guessed by how the night ended, my luck was most definitely not in. After blowing a fair chunk of change, we decided it would be best if we swiftly left, before our night ended right there due to a lack of funding.

So on the way out of the gate, we decided to have a quick one in beyond, before being dragged into Tiger Tiger by a very persuasive promotional guy, who managed to talk us into thinking paying £6 in was a bargain, I'm still unsure if it was. Now we stayed, drank and danced in Tiger for what seemed like most of the night. Although when I checked my texts, check ins and all the rest of it the next morning, it turned out we were out of there by around 1am. 

Leaving Tiger to go and meet some more friends turned out to be the start of the end of my memories and from here on in, I am peicing together the story based on what I have heard and my social media activity. 

So from Tiger we went down to Rustys, which, if you've ever been there, you will know, sells stupidly strong treble vodkas. This is the last drink I remember seeing, I don't even remember drinking it. From Rustys, I apparantly made some new 'friends', and decided to go with them to the Pink Room, completely ditching the people I was out with and hence at this point, I can give you no more details.

At four AM, I hit the takeaway up, and bought a kebab, as you do! What happened to this I also have no idea, however I like to think that it wasn't wasted, but giving the state I was in I can imagine it hit the floor somewhere on the way back. 

The takeaway is the last thing I remember, until 6am knocking at my dads door, with no shoes on. So now I am looking for small donations so I can go and re-buy the shoes which have somehow disappeared off my feet. Also if you have any information for my whereabouts between 4 and 6 that would also be greatly appreciated.

The shoes were adidas gazelles which i received for my birthday just over 1 month ago