Replace the F standard with the C standard.

by Damian Wojtkowski in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Replace the F standard with the C standard.


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I want to show people, that they can live in better standards for the same money. Want to make people happier by giving them better home.

by Damian Wojtkowski in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Five years ago I came to the UK. Like most people, I rented a room at the beginning. It was a terrible experience for me because I did not expect that rooms in such a standard are still rented to people.

 The bed almost did not collapse under the weight of the mattress, and the mattress probably remembers the beginning of the 90's. As well as the rest of the furniture in the room. But that was not the worst ... :) I felt the greatest discomfort when I slept face to the wall where there was mold, which was omnipresent - shower, wardrobe, kitchen, etc. In a country where safety is always in the first place, electricity made me for chills. I will also mention the windows that are still wooden and leaky as in my grandmother's time.

After bad experiences, I thought I might have to move and thus end my problems. But in the new place it was not much better. Maybe the room was a bit better but Lanlord was not interested in any problems related to the house and its residents. This situation caused me to become depressed. Every day, ending my shift at work and having to return home, I was losing my joy of life. I was not the only person. My roommates felt exactly the same.

And after many such experiences I came to the conclusion that I have to do something about it. That's how I came up with the idea of my project.

My plan is to buy old, neglected homes that have potential and give them a new life through an internal metamorphosis. I want people who will live in these homes to feel good in them and return to them with pleasure. I want to give these homes freshness and happiness to people who will not have to worry about a broken boiler or an Internet problem, because I will take care of all this. I want to support them in every problem situation so that they can take care of their own affairs.

Guided by my construction education, which is also my passion since childhood, as well as many years of experience in the construction industry, I am convinced that I will introduce new, better standards in the real estate market.

So I want to ask each of you to add at least £ 1 to my project. Together, we'll make people around us smile more often.

Let's make 'Replace the F standard with the C standard.' happen

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