Replace my sons stolen bike

by Kat Short in 

Replace my sons stolen bike
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To replace my sons stolen bike.

by Kat Short in

On Sunday my sons bike was stolen from outside the library in Northampton town centre, the bike was locked to a bike rack in a busy place with loads of people around. 

He was gone for 30mins and when he came back it was gone! 

We have reported it to the police after 5 hours on hold but we haven’t heard anything yet! And as the days go by I don’t think we will.

I’m really angry because me and my husband where both made redundant last February with no pay and have worked extremely hard to raise money not only for living day to day but for the new arrival to our family and to save enough to get his bike for Christmas and now it’s gone.

These people have not only taken my sons bike and will profit from it but they will get away with it as well! My son is so depressed and really upset his independence has been taken away, he has just completed his GCSE’s and was looking forward to the next adventure of starting his Sports Btec with Northampton Town. 

He was going to cycle to the centre everyday and now he can’t! 

It will take us months if not years to raise enough money to replace his bike so I’m putting it to anyone who can help? 

We know it’s a big ask and there’s probably people more in need than us but I think this is the make or brake for him.

If you can help In anyway we will be external greatful 

Thank You

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