re:place community arts cafes

by MOJO Wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

re:place community arts cafes
We did it
On 19th December 2017 we successfully raised £1,500 with 67 supporters in 28 days

re:place aims to raise money to provide community arts cafes for the most vulnerable. Hot meals, warm clothes, arts activities & support.

by MOJO Wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We can't believe we've reached our target- thank you so much to everyone who has donated.

We've decided to set a stretch target, this allows us to cover the fee's that go to the crowdfunding site but also to raise a little extra money towards the project.

That little bit extra will go towards a special Christmas Eve event. The holidays can be a particularly difficult time for many people, those who are already isolated feel it even more around Christmas.
Last year we spent Christmas Eve distributing re:place packs and spending time with people on the streets. One man told us that he had thought it was going to be a dark day for him but after spending some time with us and having something to eat he felt a bit brighter.

If we can reach £1300 then we can have a dedicated team out distributing re:place packs, food and hot drinks.
If we surpass that we can add sleeping bags and blankets.
There is no limit to the amount we want to raise. The more we raise the more people we can help.
We're keen to find a venue for Christmas Eve, to serve food and put on some entertainment. If you can help with this please email

re:place community arts cafes provide

hot food
warm clothes including new socks & underwear
toiletries, including sanitary products for women
arts materials & activities supported by professional artists
support & company

for the most vulnerable people within our community including homeless people, those at risk of isolation and people impacted by low income often due to benefit cuts or sanctions.

After a trial cafe session we realised there was a real need for a safe, supportive space that was also just really nice and welcoming. A place where we'd all like to go and eat. With good, nutritious food. Plates & cutlery. A warm welcome. And appealing surroundings. We found it in Ostara Cafe.
During our first community cafe one of the men asked
"are you sure we're allowed in here? Its awfy nice"
Our answer was of course.
Guests commented on not only the choice of food but how tasty and 'real' it was. That was thanks to the amazing chef's at Ostara who provided soup, sausage casserole and a veggie currie and rice.
At the end of the evening one of our guests stood up to make a toast, he thanked us for hosting the evening, for the great food and for treating them as equals.
We wouldn't have it any other way.

We're aiming to raise enough funds to run monthly community cafes that welcome those that need the support.
From previous projects we've learnt that the best way to engage with people is through street work, visiting homeless hostels, housing associations and food banks. Funding will allow us to print small business card type flyers that detail dates and venues that people can easily keep in their pocket.

Funding will enable us to pay for food, including portions that guests can take away to eat the next day.

Guests were particularly keen to participate in arts activities. They've told us that life on the streets in predictably boring, to be able to draw, write or be creative really helps some people to stay positive. Funding will help us pay for arts materials, folders to keep work safe and dry, professional artists to help develop new skills and an end product- this could be an exhibition of work or a printed booklet of images and stories.

Your support will also enable us to put together re:place packs containing new socks & underwear (fungal infections are particularly high amongst the homeless community), handwipes, tissues, bottles of water (its so much harder than you think to find a drink of water when on the streets), gloves, hat, moisturiser, paper & pens, cereal bars and sanitary products for women.

We will also be accepting donations of the above products at each community cafe. 

During our current political climate where the government aren't supporting our most vulnerable people we need to pull together as a community to help one another. The more money we raise the more people we can help. 

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