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On 19th December 2016 we successfully raised £865 with 24 supporters in 21 days

re:place is back for Christmas! Creative Electric & Ladyboss Collective have joined forces to raises funds for our local homeless community.

by Creative Electric in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The more we raise the more people we can help.
If we are luckly enough to hit our target any additional funds will be used in the following ways:

Workshops in a warm, safe location where participants can have a hot meal, recieve clean dry clothing, have the opportunity to create artwork or new writing if they wish and also recieve support and advice from expert organisations. We aim to also offer internet access as the majority of Government benefits and support require that you register online. 

Pay it forward vouchers for cafes, laundrettes and hostels

Warm clothing

We always take advice from our participants on what they feel is important to provide for themselves and their peers. 


re:place is back! Creative Electric and Ladyboss Collective have joined forces to raise funds for our local homeless community. 
In May Creative Electric launched re:place as part of the Hidden Door Festival where artists worked with people living on the streets to create new art, spoken word and performance. re:place packs were distributed which contained basic living essentials plus art materials. We were overwhelmed by support with friends, family and followers donating funds, art materials, food and their time. We were nominated for a Creative Edinburgh Award and recieved coverage in national press. But most importantly have retained a strong connection with many of our participants. 

At the moment our re:place participants are struggling. Its exceptionally cold and the numbers of homeless people on the streets of Edinburgh are increasing. Government benefit sanctions mean people are losing their homes and their dignity. There are more organised beggars and many of our participants have lost their pitches due to threats of violence. Moral is low.

"Five minutes of conversation means more than £5"

Life on the streets is isolating. Many of our participants have told us how they don't speak to anyone for days. People walk past them as if they don't exist. Days are long. They need something to occupy even a small amount of their time.

re:place aims to help with this. Artists spend time with participants, chatting, creating new work but most importantly distributing re:place packs. 
Each re:place pack contains
A warm pair of socks 
A pair of gloves
A bottle of water
Cereal Bars
Art Materials

Ladyboss Collective are providing a female focus to help provide sanitory products and new underwear in packs for women.

We're currently on the look out for a city centre cafe who would like to provide hot drinks vouchers.

The more we raise the more people we can help. Last time we crowdfunded we raised enough to not only distribute re:place packs but also hold workshops where participants could have a hot homecooked meal and creatre artwork supported by professional artists. 
This time we're starting our target at £500- this will go to creating re:place packs, meals and buying emergency essentials that some of our participants may need (sleeping bags, warm clothing, a night in a hostel if we can). If we reach that target we will carry on fundraising and use money to continue to provide resources including workshops in warm, safe venues where homeless people are welcomed.

We know this is an expensive time of year and you may not be able to spare any money. However if you'd still like to help you can in the following ways
Pop into Ladyboss Collective (23 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh) with sanitory products (tampons and/or pads), new socks, gloves or underwear. You can buy any of these for £1 or less and they really are appreciated.

Share this crowdfunding page as widely as you can-with friends, workmates, family, everyone- shout about it. We need to support our homeless community. The government are not doing enough.

When you pass a homeless person take a moment to say hello. We all need a chat and to know that someone cares. 


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