Repay costs & deposit to Selby and Ainsty Lib Dems

by Paul Welbourn in Selby

Repay costs & deposit to Selby and Ainsty Lib Dems
We did it
On 24th July 2017 we successfully raised £140 with 5 supporters in 42 days

Because our branch is still young, we need to raise funds to cover our lost deposit, and raise further funds to enable us to keep fighting.

by Paul Welbourn in Selby

I was the agent for our candidate Callum Delhoy in the general election. We campaigned throughout the constituency, and devliered leaflets where ever possible. Because of this, we managed to increase our vote by 0.5% however this was unfortunately not enough to retain our deposit.

Our local branch is still very young; in the Selby and Ainsty Constituency, this year was the first time that the Liberal Democrats had actively stood a candidate. We need to make sure that we will be a better position to fight the next election.

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