Get Pete home

by Zoe Daggatt in Bath, England, United Kingdom

Get Pete home
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To get dad back home

by Zoe Daggatt in Bath, England, United Kingdom

Hi, we’re the Daggatt’s.

The past year has been a journey, we found out my father, Pete Daggatt, was suffering from oesophageal cancer last summer. He quickly began to lose weight and couldn’t swallow. At the time he was living in Spain with mum. We decided he should stay in Spain for treatment as they were great at starting treatment early and getting going, we were nervous this wouldn’t be the case if we brought him back and he was rapidly losing weight. We knew dad needed surgery to remove the tumour in his oesophagus (food pipe), he underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy first. He was finally strong enough for the surgery in January of this year, he was having a difficult procedure by the highly skilled surgeons but were told after 2 weeks he would be home, eating and drinking, and finally able to have his Christmas dinner! The surgery went well and slowly dad start eating and even had a cup of tea. “Home next week!” The surgeon said in the second week following surgery...

It’s after this things went pear shaped. Unfortunately the oesophagus had a hole, small amounts that he was able to eat and drink had gone through the hole and into his lungs. His lungs had also been damaged from the radiotherapy. He developed his first bout of pneumonia and back to ICU it was. From here it’s been even more of a battle, various surgeries and investigations, multiple infections, it really took its toll on his already weakened body. He has been briefly home, back to hospital many times, many more issues. One step forward, two back. Over and over. 

He underwent final surgery almost 2 weeks ago, and finally we got the news we’d been waiting for, the hole was closed! He can eat! Unfortunately though, his lungs are suffering, it’s weakened his heart and he is unable to get out of bed. The care here has been great, but rehabilitation support appears non existent here. He needs his family around him, he needs the aftercare the UK provides. We’ve come to the harsh realisation that dad just isn’t going to get better here. We are in a situation we just didn’t anticipate being in, he needs so much support and is very weak. Both mum and dad need the help that they can only receive back home. 

Unfortunately dad is too unwell to travel any other way than by private air ambulance, with an ITU doctor and oxygen to help him survive the journey. This is extremely expensive and as a family we just can not afford it ourselves. It comes with shame that we are asking for help, but we know our friends and loved ones would want to help if they could. Which is why we have set up this crowdfunder to help cover the cost of bringing him home. We have to do this for my dad’s best chance of getting better.

Thank you for your love and support for bringing our much loved Pete back. He really deserves this.

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