Repairing Ecosystems exclusively in the UK

by Charlie in United Kingdom

Repairing Ecosystems exclusively in the UK
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Our aim is to repair the ecosystems that desperately need of repair. With out bugs and ecosystems our land would be a VERY messy place.

by Charlie in United Kingdom

My name is Charlie and I have been a nature freak from day one. I have grown up with the fascination of bugs to the point where I started my own bug club in primary school. I grew up on the Ashdown Forest, I was surrounded by the worlds most important entity... ecosystems and I didn't even know it. As I aged I took a career choice and dedicated my time to farming, this is where I found out how important ecosystems are to the world. I don't have a big team of people to help me with this dream but I do have a lot of energy which I am prepared to spend entirely on repairing our ecosystems to benefit the future generations. 

My idea is to create a charity for this purpose where donators will be able to choose different categories to donate their money to. The categories will include woodlands, ponds, highlands, lowlands, community areas and urgent needs.

Structurally ecosystems are very important for all animals including HUMANS and plants to survive. We are currently using resources so quickly that 60% of our ecosystems are unable to replenish themselves.

 My vision is to see UK ecosystems repair to the point where we no longer need to nurture them whilst working along side farmers and land owners to insure we are meeting our requirements for the food intake the UK needs. 

I will use the money funded to create the website needed by the charity to receive more donations to put towards this very important cause for concern. Some of the money funded will go into our first project to get the ball rolling and show people what we can do together. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this project. 

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