repair house thats left 20 yrs unlived in unloved

by property's left to decay use them in London, England, United Kingdom

repair house thats left 20 yrs unlived in unloved
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

bring back the property to a reasonable condition so i can live there take care of it and leave it to my grand children before its to late

by property's left to decay use them in London, England, United Kingdom

 i hope that some of you that  read this can see this project is worthwhile and donate a small amount to help although i do appreciate some will think its a selfish reason to try and raise funds for a  project of this nature but please take into consideration my reasons.I  watched a documentary on bbc2 one evening about all the abandon and uncared for land and property all around the country with owners that didn't care or just couldn't be bothered to put time and effort into allowing it to put to good use,  the house in question took me a long time to find although there out there i done a lot of research . the owner of this  house died in 1997 with no living relatives and has been left all these years to fall into disrepair  i put a notice up of intent  spoke to neighbours who are  for the most only to glad to help once they know your intentions are good after all the place is an eye sore and could be affecting there house,  i followed the law and took adverse possession, iv kept most of the weather out by replacing slates that have fallen off the roof boarding up broken windows replacing them when i could ,tided up the garden you can imagine what it was like after 20 odd years a lick of paint but needs so much more its a time warp inside  going back to 1950 my hope is to raise the funds to turn it into my home. There's  so many property around the country  unused unloved and just left to fall and decay i decided the only way i could ever own my own house is to do my research find such a place and hope i could bring it back and live there that's the easy part finding the money is really difficult although iv worked all my life i have nothing in the way of savings that would cover the cost , the work i can do most  my self although im touching 60 its raising the funds for martials a friend gave me the idea to try crowd funding to raise the money so im here asking for your help at this difficult time for us all especially this time of the year 

thanks for taking the time to read my fundraising cause and any help will be much appreciated hope you all have the best Christmas possible although so difficult without friends and family i do wish you all the best

 lastly im not really doing this for me  like i said nearly 60  its for my grand children with the way things are going they don't stand a chance of owning there own home i know  it sounds crazy but The government have had over 20 years to take possession of this house  and turn it into a home for someone and they haven't been bothered so im going to give it a go and i think if it works iv done something  good and not broken any laws 

kind regards dean   #

image not the actual house any question feel free to ask   

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