Restore Bristol Harbourside Reed Bed

This is a unique floating reed bed in the heart of Bristol. Funds will pay for repairs, replanting and restoring it to its former glory.

We did it!

On 29th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £7,900 of £6,000 target with 92 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

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Now we can forge ahead with the repairs to the structure of the reed bed, made more urgent with every storm and windy day. Winter is coming too (sorry to say) and with it more risk of further damage. With additional funds we will be able to plan and fund a programme of maintenance work for the structure of the reed bed. This means establishing an annual Reed Bed MOT by a Waterscape technician so the repair work already planned can be sustained for longer.  The basis of everything the Friends of Harbourside Reed Bed aspires to is the foundation that the reed bed structure gives to the waterplants and the wildlife. Securing its long-term well-being  will enable us to engage more widely with the local community; recruiting and spending more time with new volunteers, using their talents to develop ever more creative ways of delivering information and learning opportunities and building a network of enthusiasts who can ensure a positive future for this unique place.

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Bristol Harbourside Reed Bed needs your support to restore this unique feature and wildlife habitat

Here's why....

The function of the reeds on the bed is to act as a natural  filtration system, improving the water quality that runs off the land  before it mixes with the rest of the harbour water. The reed bed was designed as a way of protecting what is the last remaining section of the bank of the River Avon within Bristol's famous Floating Harbour from soil erosion and to provide 'a diverse, visually attractive, ecological and educational resource' (Developer's Landscape Design and Maintenance Statement 2004)            

With a boardwalk running alongside the reed bed the area is a public open space and is part of a continuous walkway around the whole harbour. It's a place where hundreds of locals and visitors pass through every day with an opportunity to pause and and take in the views and sensations of a green oasis and wildlife habitat in the heart of an urban area. 

Years of neglect has left this floating reed bed littered and overgrown. The reeds that act as a water filter have been damaged or lost leaving unsightly gaps. 

                                          It's a far cry from when it was newly installed in 2008 .

About us .........................

We are Friends of Harbourside Reed Bed, a small group of local Harbourside volunteers and residents who, with permission and support from the  Harbour Estates, began, two years ago, to regularly pick litter from the reed bed and clear the overgrown vegetation.  

We soon realised that the original planting of native shrubs and plant species  was so full of self-seeded brambles, buddleia, nettles and other intrusive wild plants it was putting the reed bed at risk of being completely overgrown.  The vegetation was encouraging vermin and putting wildlife at risk. The drainage pipes were dislodged and the perimeter of the structure was damaged and in need of repair.

Support us in our goal to repair and restore this unique floating reed bed in the heart of Bristol

We are participating in Bristol Green Capital Partnership's match-funding initiative which means that if we can raise 50% of our target amount, with a minimum of 40 backers, we might be eligible to get the other 50% match funded from Bristol Green Capital Partnership. 

Projects that gain backers quickest after the launch day will be more likely to receive the match funding so, if you are able to donate or pledge, please don't hesitate! 

What will we do with the money raised from your support…

We will be able to get expert advice to properly map the site planting and develop a usable, seasonally timed landscape management plan that benefits a diversity of wildlife. 

We will  be able to commission a waterscape technician to direct and carry out repairs to the structure of the reed bed. 

We will be able to buy reeds and water plants to re-stock the ones that have been damaged or lost and afford specialist labour for the installation of planting from the water.

We will be able to buy tools and safety equipment to enable more volunteers to take part in the work that needs to go on all year to maintain the area.

We will be able to  have interpretation boards that will inform the public about the purpose of the reed bed as a natural filtration system and illustrate the plants and wildlife to be found here. 

What impact will your funding have…

Best of all, we could create an outdoor classroom; giving children and young people a place to make discoveries rarely found in an urban setting.
 Through tours and talks we could explain the importance of the reed bed and the impact on our precious waterways and the ocean when man-made waste gets into the water.

What's next…

Please be part of the solution to repair and restore this unique and special place and make it a place that Bristolians can be proud of when they pass through and visitors remember for all the right reasons. Support or pledge and make your contribution to our project to enable The Friends of Harbourside Reed Bed sustain an improved habitat for a diverse variety of flora and fauna and an improved stewardship that benefits everyone and the environment.

If you’re not able to contribute but like what we’re doing, please get the word out. Share our story and objectives on Facebook [ ], whatsapp it to your friends, email it to your colleagues and talk about it with your family.  Feel free to get in touch, or come and say hello when we are working on the site. We like to take breaks for a chat!

THANK YOU - From all The Friends of Harbourside Reed Bed and the moorhens!

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