Repair a life

Repair a life

to get my sister the psychological help she needs following a horrific accident

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My sister had a horrific accident when she was 18, ten years ago. Following which she had to undergo a lot of surgery to reconstruct her face as every bone had been broken and her muscles ripped away. It was a miracle she survived and the NHS doctors and nurses were amazing in getting her on the road to recovery.

The mental state of my sister has never been fully supported in the long term and over the last few years she has turned to alcohol and drugs to deal with her problems.

She has come to me for help and we have followed the usual community routes to get her a residential treatment with a mixture of CBT and life counselling to address the route causes. There is a waiting time of at least 6 months to get to detox with no guarantee a residential counselling will be available.

she is trying to detox at home using support groups and medication but she is severely at risk due to brain trauma from her accident. The risk of her having a fit or seizure is severely increased so stopping drinking full stop is not an option without medical supervision.

This money will be used to rehabilitate her mind, she is 28 and has so much to offer and a life to build for her 5 year old daughter. She is an inspiration surviving all she has at such a young vibrant age, I need to do everything I can to help her and raise awareness for the depression she and many others live in after life changing accidents