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What is Rentawoo?

Rentawoo isn't only an idea but a revolutionary helping hand for travelers and real estate buyers around the globe. We have a dream and we need you to make it a reality.

Rentawoo is a site that lets people post their homes or properties they own on a marketplace that people can rent out if they are going near the location of the property. The owner of the property lists the property for the amount they want per night, the deposit, how long it's going to be up for and how long you can stay there. They must post images of the property and describe what is like, what appliances it has, how big it is and how many bedrooms it has.

Rentawoo will be a website and an app.

The market:

The market we're going into is absolutely huge with massive profits available. With the size we want to grow our company to in this market we believe we can be a £10 million  company. The market is growing bigger and bigger everyday as more people are wanting to and have the chance to explore the globe. Our target customers are travelers that are any age as we will have many different priced properties, so everyone can be apart of the magic. Our competitors include rightmove and zoopla, but these companies are into more of the selling houses and listing house prices in certain areas, our idea is to allow people from much more unknown areas connect and let others explore there habitats.

Our objectives within the first 6 months are to setup a website, an app and start marketing our idea. Then within a year we our going to be looking at £50,000 in sales. Then in 2 years £200,000 in sales, then in 3 years £500,000 in sales. By  2022 we be looking to have made over £2.5 million in sales. We also wish to start getting into the catering industry and venue hosting industries.

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