RENTA - Build to Rent assessment scheme

by Stuart Morris in London, England, United Kingdom

RENTA - Build to Rent assessment scheme
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The build to rent market is expected to grow from 32,000 properties in the UK to 1.7m over the next decade, RENTA is designed to assess BTR

by Stuart Morris in London, England, United Kingdom

As the synopsis suggests, the build to rent market (BTR) is expected to grow over the next 10 years from 32,000 properties up to 1.7million, but what makes a rental scheme somewhere that is good to live in?

Currently there is no way prior to moving in a purpose built rental scheme to assess whether or not it is right for the tenant. RENTA is set up to assess buildings to ensure that they provide the best possible living experience.

RENTA will be engaged prior the project completion at the early development stages to suggest the best options that the developer should undertake to ensure the ideal living situation.

The categories include:


The niceties that make the difference, car parking, bike storage and spaces to relax in are among the many factors that contribute to the amenity sector.

Extra credits are given for over and beyond feature such as childcare, play areas and gyms for example.


The construction of the building and the ongoing management plan. Includes acoustic treatment, the environmental factors for the building and the safety features such as sprinklers and smoke extract.

How does the building work? Deliveries and access to the essential services, all are part of the consideration.

BREEAM and EPC contribute to ensure that the building considers all environmental requirements.


Probably the most difficult factor to get right. The developer must include for community spaces and the management company needs to ensure that tenants are involved in the daily running of the development.

A development app or website to notify tenants about the latest news to make all tenants feel involved.

External community factors are assess also, such as school, transport links and other local facilities.


The apartments in BTR schemes are usually furnished, the design section assesses the quality of the furnishes and fittings.

Furthermore, not only are the apartments assesses, the general fit-out and design of the communal areas are assess


How the building operates is important. How is the development provided with services, are they all electric? How is the water heated? What are the controls for the tenant. These are just some of the factors that lead to this section.

CCTV, security and access control also contribute as well as all other aspects for the building services.

Metering and billing arrangements and remote monitoring so that the end user can keep and eye of their bills and costs.


Considerations are taken in to account for future allowances, such as off peak charging capacitors, or NFC mobile controls for access.

Algorithms have been calculated to assess developments, RENTA have already been involved on several developments and charge per each property.

From the early stages to completion to aftercare, RENTA will be involved to delivered top quality buildings to live in.

The eventual goal is to set up an app where RENTA will be the first destination potential tenants go to prior to renting.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1,000 or more

Future discounted rent

When you donate, you have a lifetime reduction of up to 5% rent ongoing on any RENTA affiliated scheme. Dependent on the agreement with the developers.

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