Ren’s Top Surgery

by Ren Simons in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Ren’s Top Surgery


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To raise money for my top surgery to be my true self ❤️

by Ren Simons in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Thank you for opening my crowdfuning page. This shows you are my ally and for that I respect you! ❤️

!!!Disclaimer!!!, I have raised £748 on go fund me but due to the platform taking too much money, I have closed this down and started it here. I have also raised £300 through PayPal donations. Due to withdrawing it from go fund me, I will keep this in my savings so I’m not charged again on crowdfunding. This is the reason the new pot is lower.  

Little bit of a background about me.

Since a young age I’ve always felt I was in the wrong body. I was always a tomboy and felt I was one of the boys but of course wasn’t on the outside.

Many years I’ve been comfortable in knowing who I am on the inside, but the outside has given me major gender dysphoria.

Since 2015,  I discovered binders and have worn them everyday since, purely to hide the fact I have breasts and look more male. The pain is unbearable at times. I have server back pain and chest pain from it but it’s the only thing that makes me feel myself. My singing has been effected by this too as I can’t breathe properly in them.

I am aiming to raise the money by May but with the pandemic there’s not a lot I can do in person to raise it so quick, therefore I am going to make my Thai curry’s most weeks to make sure I’m giving something back for your donations and also trying other ways to raise money in the process in the most ethical way.

I’m hoping once this pandemic is over , I will be able to do live shows to hopefully reach my target sooner.

once I raise half the money I will book my date in for the surgery. I’ve had one consultation and will be attending a few more to confirm which surgeon is best for me.

As most of you know I’m a Drag king in Cardiff called Justin Drag, I hope with my platform I can help other trans people in the community come out and support them through their fundraisers.

If you can spare £1 or anything you wish to donate , I will be extremely grateful for your support

All my love 



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