Renovating the Red Art Shed

Renovating the Red Art Shed

Renovating my red brick shed into community art space. For use with other local artists, and to offer creativity & wellbeing interventions.

We did it!

On 20th Sep 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

I have been a practising artist all of my life. I currently provide a wide range of arts for health and wellbeing to service users in a local hospice, a hugely rewarding role for both me, and the incredible people I work with.  I moved to a dilapidated house in the Forest of Dean 2 years ago and am fortunate to have a little two storey outbuilding which would make a perfect community art space.

My dream would be to facilitate a small, local, community arts collective, providing shared studio space for creative outlets and a teaching space for arts, artists and people who's health could benefit from participating in arts for wellbeing sessions. I desperately want to breathe new life into the old building we affectionately call The Red Shed. Filling it with artistic vibrancy and enthusiasm.

To do this I need your help. I would like to raise around £6,000 to finish renovating The Red Shed. I have already done a huge amount with friends, adding a completely new roof with a Velux window, securing the side of the building, buying the ground floor stone slabs and preparing the floor to lay them. However, I still need to ensure the building is safe, insulate and repair the walls, add windows and doors, a toilet, electricity and drainage. The second floor was very rotten so that has been taken out, so a new one with stairs needs to be added. This all sounds like a lot, but I'm sure it's not that bad, and will be so worthwhile!

Once the material work is completed, The Red Shed can start to be used by myself and local upcoming artists who are struggling to find a dedicated space to work. We will also be able to provide fun, and participatory arts programmes, and arts for health and wellbeing sessions for local people. Some of the benefits would be:

  • Access to the arts for local residents who may not normally have such opportunities
  • Create a welcoming arts studio space for pratitioners and participants
  • Offer the opportunity to learn new skills and pass on knowledge
  • Develop new social networks
  • Support a vibrant arts scene
  • Increase economic health for local artists
  • Have apositive impact on local health and wellbeing through the arts

 If you are local, I am happy to offer you a as a reward when we are up and running, but as always the main thing you get from helping community initiatives is that warm, fuzzy glow of making something exciting, important and worthwhile happen.

It will be almost impossible to move this to the next level without your support. With you, we could create a beautiful opportunity to offer accessible art, art space and arts wellbeing initiatives to people in the Forest of Dean!

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