New Fixed Brunch Unit

by DGfood in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

New Fixed Brunch Unit
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Looking to fund new equipment and branding for a kitchen space in Central Glasgow.

by DGfood in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Originally from the East Coast of Scotland I lived in a small town and used to work all over Edinburgh on construction sites, for years I thought it was the city for me. I found my self wanting a change and ended up finding work in an underground kitchen on Shandwick place. I loved it and wanted more. 

Then I started working in the food scene in Glasgow and realised how different and open it was. I set my sights on moving there and establishing myself. 

When I moved to Glasgow I originally had planned a 2 week stay at various hotels, this was so I could operate a 2 week kitchen takeover as the current resident was away for that time. 

A few days in I was asked to stay for a longer period, so I extended my hotel stay to do so. I operated that kitchen 7days a week, establishing supplier and wholesale accounts and sending service to the upstairs bar area. 

From there I found myself a proper place to stay and started working away at my own pop ups for street markets, I now do one almost every weekend. The most recent being a wedding function. I do these mostly by myself, my girlfriend drives and I cook. 

One day I was reading through my emails and saw one offering me my own fixed unit. It was from an up and coming market space right in the middle of town. They where asking to meet to discuss the idea, so I went along to see them.

Initially we didn't go ahead with the first unit on offer as the construction required was to costly. I went ahead and continued focusing on the pop ups. 

A short time goes by before I received an other email from them stating there's another unit space. There's enough in this space to get going and with my equipment already I said yes. The unit itself is part of a food court with other independent businesses around. 

The aim is to create an all day brunch unit serving an array of food sourced locally including vegan and vegatarian. On the menu there's cereals, handmade crushed ice smoothies and pancakes. Loaded croissants, english muffins and bagles will be featured including specials based around these.

I'm asking for funding to enable a better kitchen space and let the true value of the place come to light. Inside the unit to enable full capacity and flow I'd like to install shelving and have new refrigeration units and worktops in place. I'd purchase new table ware with logos, improve and upgrade signage, focus on ad space aswell as marketing flyers and tools. 

This is all to work towards a successful and sustainable independent business in Glasgow city centre. 

Thanks for reading this far. 

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