A solution to the Fossil Fuels Industry

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Project by Electric Tingle

A solution to the Fossil Fuels Industry

A solution to the Fossil Fuels Industry

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Project by Electric Tingle


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A fresh new way to produce Energy from our Oceans


I am trying to fund both a patent application and feasibility study for proof of concept.

My name is Mr Liam Cleary, an entrepreneur with a tidal wave of energy and ideas. 

After seeing a wealth of seminars, documentaries and news reports, I became pretty concerned about the future of our planet and the potential disaster approaching our Children and generations to come. 

Having spent many years piecing together an alternative solution to the current Wind and Solar Energy markets, I have finally come to a point where I now have a very viable concept.

The concept involves a variety of existing, already proven technologies to create a 'proprietary' process. There are minor details that need addressing but overall the concept appears to be executable

To prove that the process all works as intended I am searching for a partner.

Understandably I cannot divulge the full intricacies of the entire process without an NDA in place.

So, what can I tell you? 

-- This solution can be 'executed' anywhere on the globe and DOES NOT require 'Wind' nor 'Solar' to operate. It is NOT dependant on 'ANY' Weather type.

-- Being Ocean based there is no actual 'installation' as such.  

-- The system can operate and produce energy 24/7/365 with 0 down time.     -- Unlimited, constant energy regardless of climate conditions.

-- The entire idea is almost unlimited in its scalability without affecting agriculture, civilisations, settlements, towns, rural areas etc.

-- The setup will not block any light (as in photovoltaic setups)

-- It 'will not' harm birds or hinder natural land wildlife.

-- This process 'will not' be an eye sore. So I believe there will be very little (if any at all) objections to it. It is out of sight and therefore usually out of mind.

-- The machinery involved in the process does not require a large footprint.

This new approach will help save our beautiful planet, and could end up being 'one of' the biggest and best Global solutions we need to generate Green, Renewable, Energy.

If you have read this and think you may be able to offer some guidance, I am open to suggestions.

And so, if you would like to come on this epic journey with me, please do come aboard and together we may be able to save both our future, and the future of the generations to come. 

Kind Regards and Thank You for taking the time to read through my proposal.

Mr Liam Cleary – 07598 155 935

[email protected]

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