Renew & Reuse - helping those in need!

by Reuse & Recycle! in Weymouth, England, United Kingdom

Renew & Reuse - helping those in need!
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Saving good furniture and appliances from refuse stations. Cleaning and repairing them, then providing them to those in need.

by Reuse & Recycle! in Weymouth, England, United Kingdom

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of tons of good reusable furniture dumped at UK refuse stations. 

We want to help stop this unnecessary landfill by intercepting the owners before they take their items to the refuse station. There are many, many people in desperate need of such items but who cannot afford to firstly purchase them and then also pay to have someone pick them up and deliver to them.

There are many people and families living on or below the bead line today who are in desperate need of usable furniture and appliances be simply can not afford them and are unable to get them any other way. 

What we plan to do is: 

1. Offer a FREE collection service of furniture and appliances.

2. Thorough clean, safety test and repair all items.

3. Make them available to the public and those in need*.

4. Free delivery within 10 miles.

*For those in need who are in financial hardship, items will either be at very low cost or free of charge.

To do this, we need to do the following:

Rent suitable premises.

Purchase delivery vehicle.

Have cost of rent, utilities and business rates, etc. set aside for first year.

Please help us to help others by giving generously!

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