Renew Local Election Campaign

by James Torrance in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 4th May 2018 we successfully raised £3,345 with 41 supporters in 21 days

We are raising funds to support Renew candidates for the local elections

by James Torrance in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Renew, the UK's new centrist political party, put up a challenge to the established parties in this year's local elections.

Send a message to Theresa May that Brexit needs a rethink and help establish a genuine alternative to the major parties.

We are also the only credible party for defending the rights of EU citizens, who can vote in the local elections. Help us build a party for the politically homeless.

We're running Renew candidates across Wandsworth, Ealing, Chiswick, Tower Hamlets and North Tyneside. Our candidates are putting their hands up for their communities, challenging established parties to bring new voices from outside politics into local government.

Here are some brief details of the great candidates running in May:

Wandsworth Local Elections Candidates

Caroline Poschl- Latchmere ward - is an economic policy analyst who has worked in America, Asia and Africa. As an Austrian Londoner she is standing for Renew because she does not want Britain to be left behind in global competition.

Chris Coghlan- Balham ward - in the last general election, he resigned from the Foreign Office as a Counter Terrorism Officer stood as an independent in Battersea to launch the Renew party. Today he is standing as your Balham Renew council candidate where he lives with his family.

David Britten- St Mary’s Park ward has had links with Battersea since 1988 when he worked here, and Battersea has always remained close to his heart. He is standing for Renew as he wishes to represent the views of Battersea residents who voted 75% to remain and  show there is an alternative to Brexit, the effects of which will have profound consequences on the local community.

James Cousins- Shaftesburry ward - has been a local councillor for 20 years, including over a decade as part of the council's leadership team. He was with Conservatives, then an independent and joined Renew as he is disillusioned with existing parties.  He lives in the heart of the ward and is a governor at a local school. He works as a manager for a local NHS service and is a keen, if slow, runner.

Daria Hass- Queenstown ward - has lived in Battersea for over forty years, within an incredibly diverse community. After spending over 20 years in education and seeing the slow degradation of resources she feels it’s time to make a difference to ensure that the generations that follow have the same opportunities that she had as a child educated in Wandsworth.

Jane Hilton- Northcote ward - has lived in Wandsworth for over twenty-five years. She has represented families, children and others in various different areas of law including employment and local government in her practice as a barrister. She is passionate about remaining in Europe and campaigned for Remain and for Renew in the 2017 General Election.

George Hilton- Fairfield ward - His family has lived in the ward for more than 30 years and his children have grown up there. As a barrister he has worked in management and advisory roles in both public and private international insurance broking companies based in the City of London.

James Blair- Nightingale ward - Having represented the UK abroad he is very keen to see the UK maintain its position of influence on the global stage. He has seen first hand how Brexit makes us weaker and less influential on the world stage and he wants to stand to ensure that we can maintain our standing by remaining in the UK.

Nicky Blair- Southfields ward - is a teacher in Wandsworth and is very concerned about the squeeze on public finances created by Brexit. She wants to ensure we remain in the EU to ensure a healthy economy which will ensure we can maintain current levels of state funded education.

Other London Local Elections Candidates

Ziaur Rahman – Woolwich Common - grew up near Shooter's Hill and has lived in Woolwich Common for nearly 10 years. For most of my career, I've worked in the UK charity sector as a Management Accountant, and am currently a Project Manager for a household name cancer charity.

Ese Adjekughele – Plumstead - is an accountant with over ten years’ experience in various industries, from energy and oil & gas to the charity sector. I’m a centrist and I believe in fair and decent society where we can aspire to be who we want no matter our beliefs, where we’ve come from, our sexual orientation or socioeconomic background.

Iain Howell – Chiswick Homefields - has lived in Chiswick for over 12 years, is an Accountant and works for a local start up, having worked for large companies such as the BBC. With his business experience he believes he can make a difference as your local councillor. Iain joined the Renew party since he is a fundamental believer in an all-inclusive society.

Peter Ward – Elthorne– stood for the Green Party at the last General Election. He moved to Ealing in 1986 when he worked in architecture. Peter graduated with a double-first class law degree at the University of West London and is now a barrister. He practices in fields such as sexual harassment, race relations and disability rights - his noted cases continue to set important precedents in English law.

Spencer Wood – Weavers - is a local small business owner who has been fighting hard to keep Britain inside the EU.  On a local level, Tower Hamlets will be the third worst borough to be effected by Brexit. We have already lost the European Banking Authority and the European Medicines Agency from Tower Hamlets, resulting in nearly a thousand job losses. Spencer will take action in protecting jobs and will develop and support the thriving Tech industry in the borough.

Two further candidates from outside London

Tom Bailey – Tynemouth  - has lived in Tynemouth for nine years. He is a Self-employed Chartered Surveyor and also a Director of a Built Environment Technology Company.

Alex Jacobs – South Monkseaton -  is originally from Germany with dual nationality. He moved to the UK 14 years ago with a clear focus on starting a business in North East England. A region he has loved since childhood visiting his British grandparents and a region that he has seen transform for the better over the past decades as being part of the wider European community.

We are hoping to raise £3,000 which will be spread over all our candidates, and we shall keep within the spending limits as agreed by the Electoral commission. We'll be building the Renew vote by leafletting, engaging voters and spreading our message through local events.

PLEASE Donate today - your support will be greatly appreciated!

£10 gets 500 Renew stickers

£25 gets 250  posters printed

£100 gets 5,000 leaflets which will cover one ward

We want to make politics open to everyone and value every donation, large and small.

Please note: if you wish to donate more than £500 in a year, you must be a citizen of the UK and on the UK electoral roll. Donations over £500 from any ineligible donor will be returned. 

Published and promoted by James Torrance on behalf of Renew, at 20 Josephine Avenue, London SW2 2LA


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