Hand-painted Graphic Print Bone China Dinner Plate

Project by re:met
Hand-painted Graphic Print Bone China Dinner Plate

Plate is a carrier that can deliver unlimited possibilities. It can record what we want to say, what we see and what we feel.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A textile and pattern designer who loves traveling and record my life with a paintbrush.

Plate is a good carrier for transferring.

I developed some patterns and printed them on a plate to achieve the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. 

Before I started design this collection, I spent my Christmas vacation in Cuba with my friends. I was savoured by the local customs where the mottled walls and colourful houses and ‘disorganized’ streets were deeply shocked. Throughout the trip I drew many pictures to record what I saw with my reflection. 

Cuba is restricted by internet due to the government control policy, we need to explore the Havana city by using the offline maps every day. The road structure is also a scene that impresses me, I named UNKNOWN for this series of works.

 The process of designing itself is an unknown. Even if we do a lot of planning in advance, we still encounter many unknown problems in the process. I enjoy the whole process and hope to share it with you.

Nothing is better than the chaotic line to express UNKNOWN.

The head pattern is inspired by a sculpture that was seen in Portugal.  I quickly recorded it with very casual lines and converted it to a pattern.

 Here is the current collection (5 plates):

Bone China Plate-1: Blue Lagoon

Bone China Plate-2: Overlap

Bone China Plat-3: Clew

Bone China Plate-4: Mr.

Bone China Plate-5: Rhythm

Size: 9 inches

Material: high quality bone china

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