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To finish telling our story commemorating two good reasons why people fought in WWII.

by TSLRLimited in London, England, United Kingdom

Every year in November we properly and respectfully remember those who fought and died. 

‘It was for this that we fought.’

Robert Cooper, The Times correspondent at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.


In November 2020 we have a unique opportunity to remember WHY.

The Second World War was fought against tyranny, aggressive war and servitude and to protect justice, peace and freedom under the law. When it was won it was the responsibility of the victors to secure that protection for the generations that would follow.

Those who fought, and those who suffered at home wanted to give their children a world, which was already dawning into one of comfort and convenience, of safety and freedom. 

And they succeeded, and we have, in comparison with the past, all thrived.

November 2020 marks significant anniversaries of two early steps along the road to putting things right - the opening of the War Crimes Trials in Nuremberg in 1945, and the signing of the European Convention on Human Rights in 1950.

This project commemorates these anniversaries through the eyes of a leading figure at both and we need your support to complete it :

The Humans in the Telling is a story sharing our family tale to encourage others to share theirs.

It centres on an original song cycle, Dreams of Peace & Freedom, alongside our discovery of David Maxwell Fyfe's life and work, inspiring people to remember the stories of the past and to learn its lessons to shape the future.

There are many ways to tell a story and we are working on a film, podcast, recording and book to reach out to as many people, in as many media as possible, leading up to the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials and 70th of The European Convention in 2020. 

We have spent this year piecing this project together with only the support of family and friends. Now we ask you to contribute to get this exciting project over the line. All contributors will be invited to one of our commemorative performances in 2020.  

Find out who we are and discover more about the project below or at



People with busy lives can hear our story through a RECORDING of DREAMS OF PEACE & FREEDOM and PODCAST of THE HUMAN'S IN THE TELLING. You can listen to our entire story through the podcast here.           

At present:

We have a rough mix of DREAMS OF PEACE & FREEDOM and the podcast of THE HUMANS IN THE TELLING with a piano track. Listen here.

‘one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard … sublime’ Thos Ribbitts, MusicalTalk

‘an amazing and really important piece of work… stunning’ Helena Kennedy QC, Principal of Mansfield College, Oxford

‘Your performance was wonderful’ Astrid Betz, Memoriam Nuremberg Prozesse

Since its’ premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014, where it was No 5 in The Fringe Review 2014 Top 20 Music Showpicks and Three Weeks Editor's Pick Week 2 Dreams of Peace & Freedom has been performed nationwide, and in Nuremberg. 

To complete we need to:

- Record the violin and cello

- Create a final mix of both the recording and podcast

Cost £3,000


We have shot a FILM - told through the lens of history, it immerses you in our story, uncovering layers of letters, archive and the 7 places that made Maxwell Fyfe was. Discover our film script and explore clips of what we have shot so far below.          

At present:

We have a final draft shooting script which is 90% filmed. This has been edited into a first cut with omissions.

To complete we need to:

- Film in Strasbourg

- Film commentary

- Source high quality archive footage

- Create rough cut

- Master sound and colour correction 

- Create final cut and master

 Cost £ 13,000


The Human's in the Telling : Letters, Transcripts, Blogs & Tweets gives a deeper insight into our story, delving into history and giving a personal account of our telling of it. Presented in an unusual scrapbook style, it juxtaposes source letters, original transcripts, personal blogs and progress tweets in one calendar. You can see sample pages and find out more about our book here.

At present:

We have collated all the material and are in the process of designing and creating layout pages of each month.

To complete we need to :

- Prepare the design and edit of the12 chapters for publication (both online and in print) 

- Source high resolution archive images

Cost £4,000


We need your support to finish our film, book and podcast, to tell our story for future generations so that they can relive the past and own their history.


All those who give us their support will be kept up to date with our progress and will have early access to our book, film, podcast and recording. We will also let you know in good time about the 2020 commemorative performances. You can also follow us @OfficialTHINT.

Helena Kennedy said that in relation to human rights 'the human is in the asking.' 

But we believe the human is in the telling.

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