Remembering Nigel Film Release

A golden opportunity to be involved in a movie that has already been hailed as a masterpiece by various international film festivals

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Legendary Australian film writer/director/producer Frank Howson is responsible for such internationally successful movie classics as BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS (Nominated for 7 AFI Awards including BEST FILM and winner of 2), WHAT THE MOON SAW (AFI Award Winner), HEAVEN TONIGHT (AFI Nomination), FLYNN (AFI Nomination), BEYOND MY REACH, THE FINAL STAGE, BACKSTAGE, etc., etc. etc. He also discovered Guy Peace as a movie actor and starred him in his forst 3 movies that launched his international career. Howson also lived and worked in Hollywood for 9 years, working with such legendary names as Joe Eszterhas, Arthur Hiller, Amy Ephron, Michael Richards (Kramer in "SEINFELD"), etc. etc. Over the past 6 years Howson has worked on what many people believe is his masterwork, "REMEMBERING NIGEL" which he has self-funded out of his own pocket and includes a who's who of the acting industries in Hollywood and Australia. We are now seeking the necessary funds to complete and release this movie in Australia and the U.S. John Grimado, ex-Vice President of Marketing at MGM, responsible for the hugely successful marketing campaigns on "ROCKY", "AMADEUS", "THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING" and "SHINE" amongst many others, has seen "REMEMBERING NIGEL" and so loves the film and its potential that he has agreed to personally be involved in the film's marketing campaigns in Australia and worldwide. 


A group of people get together to remember a man they once knew named Nigel. Unfortunately everyone’s opinion of this man is so vastly different you soon realize nobody knew him at all. In a series of flashback scenes, some funny, some sad, we piece together a man's journey to find the humanity in himself - and in those who loved and despised him.

A funny, sad and finally triumphant life that makes us realize that there’s a little Nigel in us all....Some people can never be forgotten, no matter how hard you try.

WINNER of the BEST FILM AWARD at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. 

WINNER of the BEST FILM AWARD at Paso Robles Film Festival, California, USA

Directed By Frank Howson
Written By Frank Howson
Produced by Danne Montague-King, Sally Kirkland & Frank Howson.
Associate Producers - Barry Porter-Robinson & Mike Smith.

Martin Landau (Oscar winner), Sally Kirkland (Golden Globe winner), Steven Berkoff (Legendary International Theatre star and star of movies such as "Beverly Hills Cop", ""Rambo", "The Krays", "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", etc.), Thea Gill (star of hit U.S series "Queer As Folk"), John Savage (star of "The Deerhunter", Godfather 3", "Salvadore", "The Crossing Guard" etc.) , Creed Bratton (star of the U.S. hit series "The Office", Michael J. Pollard (Oscar nominee), Mark Rydell (Oscar winner), Eric Burdon (Legendary siner of The Animals), Keith Potger (of The Seekers), Bert Newton, Bud Tingwell, & many other famous names.