Remedy & Co.

Remedy & Co.

Simple is style.

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Remedy & Co.

Simple is style.

About Remedy & Co.

Remedy & Co. was founded by Klaudia Adamik (Owner and Creative Director) who has always looked for minimalism in fashion, especially the need for a simple form without unnecessary pomp. As a retail industry veteran, Klaudia has experience at Kurt Geiger, Inditex (Bershka, Stradivarius) and Promod. She always had the feeling that there were pieces missing from the fashion world. When she transitioned from teenage surfer chick to classy, she knew her mission. Klaudia had the realisation that fashion is simple. It is all about the basics we wear day to day. 

Who is Remedy & Co.?

We are the company that will bring you new and fresh look for basic wear. With speciality clothes made from high quality fabrics, we are perfectly tailored, simple and sophisticated. We are very passionate about what we do and we love to do it. 

Who is the woman Remedy & Co. caters to? 

She is a woman with confidence. She knows what she wants. She is not afraid to play with basics and she knows how to mix and match to make a perfect day outfit. She is a happy, strong minded woman living her life. 

What is the inspiration for Remedy & Co.?

Life, love and travels. It’s the simplicity of day to day life, mixed with busy city streets and exploration. 

What is Remedy & Co. goal?

Our goal is to make women’s dreams come true with pieces they always imagined but could never find. We aim to create beautiful simplicity with our clothes, keeping them suitably priced in relation to their high quality fabrics.

Is there anything special about Remedy & Co.?

Yes, we decided from the very beginning to donate 5% of our yearly sales to The Pink Ribbon Foundation – a charity close to owner Klaudia’s heart. Another point to highlight is our focus on customer service with a 100 percent “fit satisfaction” guarantee or reimbursement for any alternations, in addition to a complete refund policy effectively in place.

Mission Statement :

Remedy & Co. is a new clothing line aimed at women who have always wanted a little bit more from their fashion, but the same time have been looking for simplicity. We focus on a clean form with high quality fabric. Every single piece of our collection is made with love for perfect tailoring, shape and design. We want to make women feel sexy and comfortable in their daytime wear. The perfect mix and match whilst playing with basics will be the foundation of our work. Add little details like a beautiful watch or some delicate jewellery and you’ll have the solid Remedy & Co. look. We were born to dress up women and inspire them. When we achieve this, everything else falls into place. 

Target Market:

  • Age: 20 - 45
  • Social Media: We are hugely active on social networks to connect to our clients, engaging them with the brand. Our market are ladies who are locked into the online social world.
  • Fashion Forward: With a keen eye on day to day wear and basics that all women dream of, our female fashionistas dress to impress
  • Mobile Addicted: People nowadays check their Facebook status in every free moment, they Instagram everything they explore and they tweet every disruption they experience. We make our web presence easily accessible for mobile use for busy women.
  • Eco - Friendly: Our fabrics are high quality and our production is ethical.
  • Location: The Company is based in London, however with the ability to shop online and we will send worldwide.

Marketing Plan

  • SEO: Our content and blogging efforts will be targeted. We will be easily accessable with keywords like “perfect basic”, “high quality basics”, and “eco-friendly garments”.
  • Paid Search: We will invest in both Google and Facebook Ads to take advantage of their PPC services with optimized landing pages for conversion.
  • Instagram: We will launch campaigns and contest to encourage user-generated images which we will then upload to our product pages to build a community around our brand and the values we stand for.
  • Other Social Media: We will regularly engage our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest communities
  • PR: We will promote our story, values, and fashion to leading fashion blogs and print magazines emphasizing our clothing.
  • Business Development: We will actively look for the most popular local fashion boutiques frequented by our target market that share our values and beliefs.