We did it
On 6th April 2019 we successfully raised £11,393 with 465 supporters in 59 days

We voted Leave in the 2016 EU Referendum and have changed our minds. Help us find more Bregretters to prove the UK is Remainer Now.

by Remainer Now in London, England, United Kingdom

Remainer Now need your help to raise £35,000 to find more people like us in key constituencies, and get their stories out to both MPs and the press. 

Despite working part-time around full time jobs and family, we've so far found and verified over 1500 Remainer Nows across the country. With your support we will have a presence at the march on March 23rd that can't be ignored, and plan to find more Remainer Now people like us in borderline Leave constituencies, and prove without a doubt that those areas have already swung to Remain.

Who Are We?

Remainer Now is a grassroots campaign that is comprised of and finds regretful Leave voters. Over the past year and a bit, we've built an amazing community of incredible people all willing to say they've changed their minds, and who now ardently support a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal. 

For some that means signing a petition and talking to their MP. For others that's doing news, radio or TV interviews on a national (or even international) stage.

We think that only the 'will of the people' can overrule the 'will of the people' and our growing Remainer Now family are fed up of having their 'vote respected' by people in power who won't listen. Please help us get them heard.

What have we done so far?

In 13 months we've grown from a twitter profile to being on facebook, a website, instagram, YouTube and we now even have a podcast. And we've taken Remainer Now people to meet with MPs in Parliament on three separate occasions since April 2018. 

We've worked alongside the People's Vote campaign to tell the stories of Remainer Now people and we've placed these in local, national and international press. You can see our latest one in The Guardian, here.


What's Next?

Next up, with your help, is getting on-the-streets and door-to-door in key constituencies.

Help us prove that the UK has changed its mind and is Remainer Now.

You can view what we've done with donations made to the campaign so far, on our website here - https://www.remainernow.com/what_we_do_with_your_funding

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