REMAINDER // Sci-Fi Short Film by Katia Ganfield

by Katia Ganfield in Brighton, England, United Kingdom


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A lone soldier has crash-landed on a barren planet; her damaged AI spacesuit is her only companion and means for survival.

by Katia Ganfield in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

A lone soldier has crash-landed on a barren planet; her damaged AI spacesuit is her only companion and means for survival. As solitude grows and systems break down, artificial and human intelligence must come together to fight for survival and identify between the real and the imaginary.

Concept poster by Conrad Armstrong

Alya, the soldier inside the suit, experienced earth life as a child and lived through its demise (and eventual combustion), surrounded by war, greed, and famine. Her family sacrificed themselves for her survival and ascension into space, to work towards saving what was left of humanity. Though she has developed this strong exterior, she is broken within, fragile and craving the things that make us human - connection, warmth, comfort, taste - the senses that would allow her to enjoy what's left of life. She hopes to regain purpose she has lost over time in space and to give her back the strength she once had to continue fighting for humanity and making the sacrifice worthwhile. The mission to find safety and life pushes her to the absolute limits, where she searches deep within herself to reconnect to her consciousness and remind herself of what it is to be human. Throughout the film, we are shown she is dead within the suit, where the suit is replaying memories of her, associating them to actions and reactions and mimicking those in order to understand her better. As obstacles are faced, and new lessons learned, we slowly understand the way that AI interprets and processes information.

The question I want to tackle with this film is: through technology providing for the human, the same way a mother does for a child, does it learn to love and grieve? Can technology learn emotions and therefore become conscious like us? 

Concept art by Conrad Armstrong

We have been working on this film for over a year now. Perfecting the script, building the team, designing the vision for the world. Everyone involved has given their time, passion and commitment to getting REMAINDER on screen! We want to make this film because:

The Science Fiction genre is male-dominated. 

Our project has a female director, a female lead actor and an equal split in crew. It is very important to us that we are championing female equality within the sci-fi genre. 

We want to explore our growing relationship with technology. 

We live in an increasingly tech orientated world and these discussions centered around our relationship with technology are paramount to our evolution. Science fiction reminds us of a world bigger than ours, raising awareness towards our future and taking the right actions in the present to make it the best future for future generations (as well as ourselves) to inhabit.

And how this affects our ability to grieve. 

Not only is this a story about artificial intelligence gaining human consciousness and exploring our relationship with technology but it is also importantly about grief and loss. It asks the question, how do you cope when you are the ‘Remainder’.

Being highly influenced by Kubrick and Lynch, I hope this film to be a big marker in showcasing my vision to others, stray away from the generic rules of sci-fi and embed it with transgressive and art cinema influences.

We have been working hard over the last year crafting the vision for the film to get the film to the stage it is currently at. Please take a look below at some amazing examples of 'Production Design', 'Visual Effects' and 'Prosthetics' to see how the vision for Alya's world is coming together.

Production Design

Making Alya's world believable is key to the success of 'Remainder'. A large part of that is perfecting the design of her suit. Take a look at the first concepts for the suit designs that have been mocked up by our fabulous production designer Laura Murray. Over the coming weeks, we will be fabricating these designs and 3D printing the helmet. We need your support to see these designs become reality!

Visual Effects

We've also been hard at work crafting the many elements that will make up the Visual Effects in our film. A key element to this is the inside of Alya's suit - the 'heads up display' or HUD. This is the interface in which Alya sees the alien world she's landed in and in which the human and AI communicate. We have a team of talented Visual Effects artists ready to bring our vision into reality - we need your help to make it happen!

The below test was created by the brilliant Kris Jones to visualises the HUD.


We've also been working on Prosthetics with the fabulous Tabitha Mei Bo Li (MUA & Prosthetics Artist) Below is what Tabby had to say about working with Katia on previous projects:

“I’ve worked alongside Katia several times in the past and it has always been a pleasure helping to turn her directorial vision into a reality through hair and makeup. She has the most authentic, incredible and stylised approach to her projects, and so when she told me about REMAINDER I knew it was going to be very special. After reading through the script my mind was racing as this film is audacious and considerably bigger than anything we’ve worked on together before.” 

Her previous work:

Sketches detailing prosthetics for the veins bursting:


and fingernail and hair growing scenes:

Cinematography & Sound design

The aim here would be creating a claustrophobic feeling within the suit and the feeling of being watched by the AI suit combined with the feeling of being lost in a big open foreign planet. This will be achieved through using long lenses and specialist lenses for the internal shots and interesting tools within cinematography to tell a story of the AI's view of the world. We've gone and done the tests and have the perfect combo wish list! We will be using night and day effectively and practical lighting within the suit and building specialist custom lighting for the interior shots. 

Pairing the visuals to sound is incredibly important to the cinematic experience, which the talented composer, Alexander Bradley, is coming on board to do. We're looking at different ways to build tension and working with different frequencies and music theory to achieve that.

A rough cut of some of the Wood brothers reel with Alex's composition to get a feel for the direction we're going in:

In short, yes! But we need your help! REMAINDER is an incredibly ambitious project. Full of beautiful visuals, fantastic real-world locations, design and visual effects. Earlier in the year, we pitched our film to the BFI as part of their BFI NETWORK short film scheme and have been successful in securing £15,000 production financing. Which is amazing! However, to really do Alya's story justice we need just that little bit extra to put towards fabricating the spacesuit, perfecting the visual effects and sending our production crew to the perfect alien landscape location for filming! This is why we need your help.

Your contribution to the film will go towards:

  • Sending our production crew to the perfect location
  • Securing the film fabulous on-screen talent
  • Getting the best equipment for the project
  • Taking the visual effects to the next level
  • The materials required to build our AI space suit

 Take a look below at a breakdown of how our budget will be spent on production:

DIRECTOR: KATIA GANFIELD is an artist and award-winning filmmaker from Brighton. The themes of experience and emotion are key to her work, often making the audience the subject of her films. Katia repeatedly breaks with convention and makes us contemplate our own screen presence with often unsettling results. Ganfield's films have been screened across the world at independent film festivals and OTHER CONSPIRACIES, funded by the ICA and Channel 4, was a NOWNESS pick.

PRODUCER: DAVO MCONVILLE is a multi-disciplinary producer working across feature development, music video and commercial production and live events. Working with a range of talented directors, his short films have been shown in London at LSFF and the London Film Festival, as well as across the international world of film festivals, winning several awards along the way, including Best British Short at LIFF. He has also worked as a producer for many of the UK’s leading commercial companies and brands, including RSA, Caviar, Somesuch, Park Village and Canada. He formed the international production company HUMAN in 2012 to develop and shoot documentaries in collaboration with two Colombian filmmakers and runs Position Pictures, feature development, and production company.

PRODUCER: LYDIA BLAND's background is a combination of creative producing and VFX. She’s hired to take a film from early development through the shoot and onwards to final delivery. In the last 5 years she’s worked on the following projects; Ready Player One (Amblin/Warner Bros), The Nutcracker (Disney), Electric Dreams (Channel 4/Amazon Studios), Dumbo (Disney), The Aeronauts (Amazon Studios) and most recently Catherine The Great (HBO/Sky Atlantic). In 2016 she began a producing partnership with her Sister, Ellie Heydon, creating projects which promote female voices and presence within filmmaking. Their first film The Awakening is a multi-award winning short which was screened across the world in LA, London, Manchester, Texas and NY festivals.

WRITER: TOM VAN OVERLOOP is a screenwriter and award-winning filmmaker currently undertaking a Masters in Screenwriting at the National Film and Television School. Tom currently has a number of writing credits to his name, including five short films and a feature film spanning a variety of genres ranging from psychological thrillers to family dramas. Of those genres, sci-fi lies the closest to his heart

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: JACK POLLINGTON is the lead creative producer behind Fancy a Jam Pictures. Since forming in 2014 he has produced a number of short films in a variety of styles working in collaboration with Creative England, the BFI, Random Acts, Screen South, Arts Council England and Channel 4. His short films have been broadcast on Sky Arts, Channel 4 and have been screened across the globe at festivals such as Atlanta, London Short Film Festival, Encounters, Aesthetica and Camerimage. He is also the recipient of an RTS award for his 2014 undergraduate short film: ‘Sunday Dinner with the Morgans’.

PRODUCTION DESIGNER: LAURA MURRAY - the short films Laura designed have been been featured at the APDG awards, Cannes Court Métrage, Flickerfest (2017 winner, Academy Accredited), SFF and St Kilda film festivals. As a passionate member of the art department, Laura has worked on productions such as Alien: Covenant (Fox Film), Janet King (ABC), Hide and Seek (9 Network), specialising in graphics (design, assisting and application) and prop making.

DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY: WOOD BROTHERS have shot 20+ shorts and 5 features with work nominated at Raindance last year and nominated for best cinematography at Berlin Film Festival. They've had experience shooting sci fi (with Gavin Rothery, Moon) and working with VFX. They worked and trained under cinematographer Christopher Hughes (DOP for Derek Jarman) for many years - someone who’s style still influences their work.

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: CARLOTTA BECK PECCOZ is an Italian assistant director based in London. She works on international film sets in Italy, France, Switzerland and UK. After her MA directing, she has worked on 20+ narrative shorts and 2 features. The projects she was involved have been selected at Newport Beach Film Festival, BUFF, Cleveland International Film Festival, NFFTY, Winchester Film Festival, Festival International du Film d’Aubagne.

COMPOSER: ALEXANDER BRADLEY is a British composer and sound designer working from central London writing and recording original music for TVC, film and documentary. His composition ideas for the film were used in the main video above. Educated at St Paul's Cathedral School and The University of London, he draws on an extensive classical education and a strong interest in contemporary music production methodology to create unique and exciting music for any moving image project selected clients include NETFLIX, BBC 3, NIKE, CHANNEL 4, CANADA, AGILE FILMS, RADICAL MEDIA, SMUGGLER, VIRGIN EMI and many more.

MUA & PROSTHETICS: TABITHA MEI-BO LI has a BA (Hons) Degree in Hair, Make-up and Prosthetics for Performance at London College of Fashion and a Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects, Hair and Media Make-up at West Thames College. During her four years of training, she was working professionally in Film, Television, Fashion and Music. Her definitive and creative style is deeply rooted in her love for all things strange and beautiful and she confidently brings the imagination to life through her work.




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