Relocation Care & Restoration to look after in law

by matthew fowler in South Africa

Relocation Care & Restoration to look after in law


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My father in law just past away leaving my mother in law alone on a badly run down farm in South Africa, We need relocate to look after her.

by matthew fowler in South Africa

It has always been our desire my wife and mine when circumstances and finances allow to relocate to her native South Africa. We wanted to assist her aging folks and provide them a safe and comfortable home. 

Sadly despite our best efforts to make it in time as I needed to gain permanent residency which I have just received as my father in law sadly past away. This now leaves my mother in law alone on a badly run down farm house literally in the middle of nowhere. 

As you can imagine this is by far an ideal situation as we fear for her well-being and safety. Located 45 mins drive from the closest town and located down 20km of dirt track she has a lot of work just keeping the water pump running. 

My mother in law also needs surgery for a bad knee which is going to put her off her feet for possibly 2 months or more.

My wife and I of course want to move over relocating from London UK to assist as soon as possible. We had hoped to work in the UK a while longer enabling us to relocate, however time is now of the essence. We have slaved and saved for the past 10 years living very modestly in a small flat so as to help my in laws and saving as much as we can to relocate and assist further.

Ideally if we can raise suitable funding we shall relocate so as my wife is able to assist to her mothers care whilst I restore the run down farm she is currently staying on. If we are able to raise the amount listed or more it will enable us to purchase a home and move us all closer to a town with good hospitals and facilities which would be perfect. Currently my mother in law is staying in a home on the farm which is not her own and falling down around her. The roof leaks, walls have cracks you can put you arm in. All the window and door frames are rotten with age. The electrics and plumbing are not safe.

We would all if possible like to live off the grid supplying or own power, water and food that's why we need as much help as possible. 

I know many families suffer difficulties and are also in need however I have never known one more worthy of assistance. My mother in law lost everything her land to the government, her husband. All she has left is a few dogs and a positive mental attitude. She has no money or resources as we have been supporting her and she is dependent  upon or assistance. We wish to help and would love you to help us help some more.

Thank you.

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