Release, Resource, Relish

by Somatic Works with Katsura in London, England, United Kingdom

Release, Resource, Relish


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To help more individuals and groups in these uncertain times, I am aiming to maintain and expand the space where I offer Somatic works.

by Somatic Works with Katsura in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello, thank you for visiting my crowdfunding page.

My current situation

I have been offering Somatic works at Clinic Central in Islington N1 since 2016. I work with persons with physical mental discomforts to connect with their own body, mind, emotions and spirit through Craniosacral therapy, Somatic movement therapy, Pilates and dance. Currently, my working day at the clinic is only on Thursday, one day a week. The numbers of clients I can see on one day is limited to a maximum of 5-6 people, as that is as much as my attention lasts, and also due to the extra time I have to spend on sanitising and ventilation between clients for Covid precautions.

During the lockdowns

As a Craniosacral Therapist, which is included in the category of 'health services including service relating to mental health', I have been allowed to see clients last months. I was forced to be closed for 4 months during the first lockdown, which made me give up another clinic in Hackney. 

During the pandemic, like everyone, I have adapted my work to offer online. I had the great pleasure of working with some clients for Pilates, Somatic meditation (with Craniosacral skills) and also started Somatic Pilates group classes. All have been unexpectedly positive experiences for me and as a practitioner, I feel a large development. 

My intention for future

Now, I am willing to offer more than ever. The restrictive circumstances and uncertainty of the pandemic have unfortunately affected people's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. I have been seeing the increase of clients who suffer from anxiety, tension and low energy etc. I would love to offer more sessions, for which I would need more time in a clinic.

I am also aware that 1:1 sessions are not for everyone to sustain as a regular way to improve and maintain health and wellbeing. That is exactly why the online group classes were born, and I am thinking about the possibility of offering more group classes either online or in-person. The problem I have is again space. I live in a small flat and even to do an online class, I have no more space to move than a space of a yoga mat. I would love to have a larger space.

How Pay It Forward can help you and me

The fund raised with Pay It Forward will help me to hire a space and offer more services to more people. For the pledge, I am offering the sessions for discounted fees to express my gratitude for your support. The amount you pay through this scheme will be doubled by the Mayor of London when it reaches me, which allows me to offer more expanded services to more people. It is an amazing opportunity. I hope you could help me.

Thank you for your time and support.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm wishes,


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Online Somatic Movement workshop (33% off)

Somatic Movement class invites you to be with felt sense and explore the self through movement. Wednesday 31 March, 5.30-6.45pm.

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Online Somatic Meditation session (10% off)

30-40 minutes Somatic Meditation session with Craniosacral Skills. More details

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Craniosacral Therapy session

60 minutes Craniosacral Therapy session at Islington Clinic. More details

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Somatic Movement Therapy session

60 minutes Somatic Movement Therapy session at Islington Clinic. More details

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3 x Therapy sessions (10% off)

3 x 60 minutes therapy sessions at Islington clinic, either Somatic Movement and/or Craniosacral Therapy in any combination of your choice.

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