Support pro-choice education

Support pro-choice education

Help Education for Choice make sure that all young people have the factual information on pregnancy and abortion they deserve

We did it!

On 19th May 2017 we successfully raised £1,950 with 43 supporters in 42 days

Are you outraged that the tampon tax is funding an anti-abortion organisation who’ve also claimed that giving young people the life-saving HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer will ‘lead to promiscuity’?

For just a fraction of the money Life have received from Government, we want to relaunch Education For Choice, the only UK project dedicated to ensuring that young people get good-quality, non-shaming information about pregnancy and abortion. 

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Why do we need Education for Choice?

1 in 3 women in the UK will experience abortion in their lifetime. Despite the fact that abortion is common and (in Great Britain) generally accessible, it is surrounded by stigma.

This stigma is being furthered by the negative attitudes and incorrect information that is being spread in some schools. Anti-abortion organisations are known to be going into schools and offering lessons, using resources that have been found to contain false claims. This includes repetition of the myths that abortion is linked with breast cancer and that condoms are ineffective at preventing sexually transmitted infections. We know that young people deserve better. 

"The anti-choice movement tends to be against contraception and much of the information they dispense about abortion is untrue, overstating the risks of this safe operation and frightening young women with the spectre of infertility. Education for Choice fulfils an important role in combating this misinformation and giving young people the information they need in a sensitive and straightforward way." Professor Wendy Savage, retired gynaecologist and campaigner for women's rights

We need you!

Why now?

Young people aren't getting the education they deserve - in fact, lots of young people have told us that the education they received about abortion and pregnancy was stigmatising and inaccurate. We know we can do better. 

"I didn't even know [abortion] was legal" Young volunteer 

It's even more important in today's political climate, as groups that want to restrict reproductive rights are receiving more and more airtime and resources. Education for Choice is needed more than ever to counter misinformation and offer an ethical, evidence-based alternative

What will my pledge pay for? 

We're crowdfunding £25,000 so that we can relaunch and offer high quality education, support and advocacy – based on choice. Your pledge will help us to pay for:

  • An innovative pilot scheme in partnership with University College London, training peer mentors to discuss pregnancy choices and abortion in schools 
  • A new website, to host myth-buster blogs, clear information and educational resources
  • Advocacy and campaigning, to stop organisations spreading  dangerous and stigmatising misinformation in UK schools

For a pledge of £100, you'll be listed on our website as an Education for Choice champion! 


Please donate whatever you would like: you can choose your amount on the right of the page, and each has its own rewards for us to say thank you! We'll also keep you updated on how we'll be putting your donation to work in our first year of relaunching.

Of course, we know not everyone will be able to donate right now, but you can still help by spreading the word: to friends, family, colleagues, on email, Facebook and Twitter using #DonateForChoice.

Donate £20 and become the proud owner of a pro-choice pin 

Championing choice for 25 years: A bit on our history

Education for Choice has a proud history of campaigning for pro-choice education and support for young people. We’ve trained thousands of professionals to support young people with unplanned pregnancies, and we’ve delivered thousands of workshops to young people.

Education for Choice has consistently spoken up against unethical and harmful practice. Our reports on anti-choice organisations delivering misinformation in schools and in pregnancy counselling centres have featured in the mainstream press and made important changes to policy and practice.

To celebrate our 25th birthday, we’re relaunching this year as a project within the sexual health charity FPA, a pro-choice organisation that believes that all young people deserve evidence-based, non-judgemental information about pregnancy and abortion

Our aim is the same as it’s always been; to support young people to understand all their pregnancy options, to end abortion stigma and to help young people make the choices that are right for them

One of Education for Choice's reports

A word from young people... 

"When I was in school I never learned anything about abortion" 

"The only way I really learned about abortion was through a friend's experience" 

"In RE we were taught that abortion was morally wrong and illegal in all circumstances"

"There were definitely people that were more biased, especially when we had two people come in 'cause obviously they wanted us to believe them" Young people speak about their abortion education in school

Providing young people with the right information in the right environment gives them the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices about their bodies. Help us to make it happen! 

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