Reinstate Sunderland Shipbuilding

by Rupert Keyzar in Sunderland, England, United Kingdom

Reinstate Sunderland Shipbuilding


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We are looking for financial assistance to promote the organisation's aims via a city wide public awareness and consultation campaign.

by Rupert Keyzar in Sunderland, England, United Kingdom

Reinstate Sunderland Shipbuilding is a group of current and former shipyard personnel, who have held senior positions in shipyards such as in Germany, Ukraine, Korea and Japan and have a breadth of experience in ship recycling, repair and construction. Our passion, local knowledge, skills and experience make us well positioned to develop a viable business plan to achieve our aim, which is seeing the reinstatement of the Pallion shipyard. 

At the time of its closure in January 1989 as part of British Shipbuilders, it was the most efficient shipyard in all of Europe. The yard survived as Pallion Engineering but today it is essentially mothballed and requires a new lease of life. Fully reinstated, the employment, apprenticeship and economic opportunities for the people of Sunderland will be unprecedented and the interest in the yard and its facilities by the offshore, oil and gas, cargo shipping, super / mega yacht and module fabrication industries to name just a few has exceeded all expectation.

Most recently, we have now been approached by various high level companies and institutions and together we shall be creating a full business plan including reports on market analysis, environmental impact assessment and hydrographic surveys.

But of equal importance to any business plan is promoting this project to the wider public, especially the residents of Sunderland. Therefore, we are looking for financial assistance to undertake the following:

  • Design, print and distribute leaflets to all 127,000* households in the metro area of Sunderland (*SCC figure 2020). A print run of 200,000 leaflets including all distribution costs is £7,000.
  • Design and build an information and contact based website at a cost of £1,000.

Our funding target is £8,000 - and this has now been reached via a very generous private donor.

Therefore, we shall be continuing with this crowdfund to help us reach £15,000 in order to fundraise towards the cost of a market appraisal report which is required as part of our business plan / model.

Public awareness and subsequently support of this campaign is absolutely critical to its success and is also instrumental to putting the required pressure on Sunderland City Council to change their current stance on refusing to dredge the river Wear.

For all questions and further information then please contact us.

Thank you very much for your time.


Let's make 'Reinstate Sunderland Shipbuilding' happen

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