Reiki Therapist for cancer unit

We want to fund a Reiki therapist for 1 day a week in Cheltenham Hospital to support cancer patients and their families.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 2:29pm 10th September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 2:29pm 10th September 2018

About us

'The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust'  was founded in memory of Sam who passed away in 1998 aged 10 from Leukaemia, by his mum Angie Buxton-King along with her husband Graham King, because Sam had found complementary therapy very beneficial especially Reiki and healing. These therapies helped him cope with the side effects of his treatment and to live fully until the very end. Our highly skilled practitioners expertly fill the wellbeing/whole person care gap for patients and their families from diagnosis to discharge, it is the gap the NHS itself often struggles to provide for and fund. Sam's Trust's highly respected patrons have backgrounds in both conventional and complementary medicine, including consultant oncologists at University College London Hospital. Over the past 12 yrs we have pioneered the provision of this kind of complementary therapy in many acute cancer care settings across the country with great success. 

Since 2006 we are very proud to have funded 34 therapist posts across the UK in 15 different NHS Trusts and Hospices.

We now want to fund therapist number 35! a healer for Cheltenham Hospital's cancer unit. 

This one day a week project will  provide important supportive care to on average 330 patients and carers in its first year. 

Patient’s comments following a Reiki/  Healing session;

  • I’ve been lying here all the time thinking that I’m going to die. Now I feel lifted and my perspective is totally different – like I’m not going to die now.
  • My breathing feels easier now.
  • I felt ‘waves’ flowing down me, incredibly soothing for the pain, and my mind.
  • I had been so anxious about the cancer recurring. After the treatment my body felt better, my mind brighter and I felt the loveliest feeling spreading all over me.
  • ‘I’m sorry I’m a sceptic and I don’t believe in all this stuff. OK I may as well do it as I’ve got nothing else to do.’ After treatment  ‘I’m sorry, I had no idea. Please can I have some tomorrow?’

Our charity trains therapists to be safe and competent within a hospital and hospice setting. This unique training is a prerequisite to anyone approaching a hospital that may wish to ask for funds from our charity. This pathway ensures we have experienced well trained therapists for this very demanding role. Following our training and once the therapist has made the initial approach we then pick up the project and work directly with the hospital/hospice. Once agreed the recruiting hospital advertises the post and all qualified candidates may apply. This has been a very successful model over the last 12 years and it is simply lack of funds that restricts the number of healers working within cancer and end of life care.  Only £6K funds a therapist 1 day per week for a year or £12K for 2 days per week of expert treatments offering much needed mental, emotional and physical respite and timeout during what is the most stressful time in a persons life. The patients tell us our healers are invaluable to them.

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