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We're young survivors of child sexual exploitation, training professionals and campaigning to end the blame and shame put on victims of CSE.

We did it!

On 19th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £2,255 of £2,000 target with 58 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

We are continuously fundraising to provide the greatest service through REIGN for as long as possible. Our first 2k will keep the project open for the next 6 months but after that we will need to put our efforts in to fundraising again. If we can reach a 4k target this will give us a full year to continue our work to the best standard, without using our time to search for more funds rather than being out there sharing our expertise.  

Child sexual exploitation is a serious crime and a threat to all children. Society has a long way to go in understanding how best to combat it.  Under-reporting, normalisation, and victim blaming are making it easier than ever before for perpetrators to target children and get away with their crimes. At least 1 in 20 children experience sexual abuse on average, and this number increases for girls and disabled children.

REIGN have been working together to fight CSE for almost a year. Our survivor-led  training workshops have benefited professionals and services all across the Northwest.  We are skilled, vocal, and  determined to not let the systematic failures that harmed us as children continue for the next generation.

We are survivor-activists and we are here to make real, radical, measurable change that goes far beyond 'basic awareness'. 

We work with frontline services, businesses, and schools to help them understand child sexual exploitation, what children experience, how to identify the signs, and how to put a stop to it. We train services to protect and support children in the way we know would have worked for us. No more victim blaming, no more brushing children off as a 'lost cause', and no more ignorance of the traumatic effect of child sexual abuse.

As victims, we were either pitied or blamed for what was  done to us. REIGN call for power, not pity, and demand that survivors are listened to, and provided with a platform to control the narrative around sexual abuse. We work to inspire other survivors to find their power and join us in the fight to end child sexual exploitation. 

What your support can do: 

We are currently unfunded and give all our time to REIGN when not studying or working to support ourselves.

We want to grow, and for that we need funds. Your donation will help us pay for basic facilities and expenses (office, phone, website, etc), our own training, and media and marketing to reach the services that need our workshops. With your support, we can launch new campaigns and events which allow us reach a much wider audience, and spread the power of our work.  

We also want to launch a survivor-led mentoring service. There is huge benefit for survivors in finding a community who understand what you have been through, and show that life gets better.  REIGN mentoring will enable survivors to access this crucial support at a time when statutory services are under-resourced and only able to offer long waits for limited support.  We will allow survivors the opportunity to turn their experiences in to expertise and join us in delivering our training and consultancy, and to campaign for an end to CSE.

Without financial support, REIGN may not be able to continue the work we do, or achieve our dreams of running our mentoring service or future projects.  Your support will allow this life-changing work to continue. We value any support you can give, whether it's donating,  buying our workshops, or sharing this crowdfunder around your family and friends.  

Please contact us at  Follow us on twitter @REIGNManchester and like us on facebook @reignmcr 

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