Help re-home my sister who lost her home to Arson

by Beverly Gow in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Help re-home my sister who lost her home to Arson


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Help, get my sister back on her feet after she sadly became the victim of a cruel unprovoked arson attack

by Beverly Gow in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Some of you from the running club have met my sister.  She joined one of the Z2H and has been to Kingston parkrun.  My sister (Angie) owns a very small patch of land in Cornwall.  The land is densely wooded and on a steep slope.  She has spent a couple of years grafting on the land to create a home and business for herself.  When I say grafting, I mean the back breaking, manual labour that leaves you bruised, blistered and wondering if your back will every recover. She has started to turn this dense piece of scrub into her dream.  Her dream plan was to open the land up for families to stay for short respites from the personal stresses that come from living with children that need that little extra bit of support.  The families would live in tepees (like the one below) and learn to forage for food, track animals, and learn bush crafts. 

Angie is like a female version of Ray Mears and she can tell you not only what animal pooped, but when they pooped and what they were eating before hand. She can then rustle up a main meal from the woodland larder

She has been living on the land in all weathers in a converted horse box.  Sadly/extremely annoyingly, on a recent trip home to see our mum, my sister was the victim of arson and the horse box was deliberately set alight and burnt to the ground.  Tragically, the horse box also contained the tepees, and so not only has she lost her home she has lost a big chunk of her outlay for the business. She, also lost personal items and all of the hand crafted Christmas presents for the family.

Angie has never had any money and has always lived a simple life as such she did not have enough money to pay out for insurance. In fact she didn't feel it necessary to pay out for insurance at this stage as the business was not yet 'live'.  

I will be organising some social fund raisers but for those that just want to donate to get her back on her feet every little bit helps really helps.  



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