Registering the Tanweer Center as a charity

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We did it
On 27th July 2018 we successfully raised £1,556 with 43 supporters in 56 days

To fundraise enough money to register the project as an official charity in the UK.

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New stretch target

If we hit our target of 1,000, then we will stretch it to 2,000 pounds.

About Us:

The Tanweer Center seeks to deliver activities and educational classes to young people in Beit Ummar, Palestine and its surrounding areas. It also provides excursions and trips, so young Palestinians have the opportunity to learn more about their homeland and explore new places. Ultimately, we want young people to have an equal opportunity to progress in their lives, despite living under the conditions created by the Israeli occupation, and regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.

The Tanweer Center provides classes in: English, Hebrew, music, art, yoga, life skills, summer camps and educational trips, and workshops covering different themes. All develop skills which are needed in every dimension of our lives. We wish to expand these activities and venture into creating a book club for young people. We also want to provide IT literacy classes and robotics workshops. We additionally want to create a project which combines the arts and environmental awareness to find creative ways of reducing plastic usage.

Our aspirations:

Through these activities, the team at the center wishes to achieve three main goals:

  • Our first objective is to release the daily pressures young people face from the occupation, and are out of our control, including: threat of arrest and lack of freedom of movement. Many young people resort to getting involved in activities which make them more susceptible to violence, and with illegal issues such as drugs and petty crime as well as other serious issues. Although these problems are faced worldwide, the added pressure of the occupation and the lack of freedom of movement make it nearly impossible for families and young people to find a release from these problems.
  • Secondly, we wish to provide young people with the skills and knowledge to succeed in this fast-paced world. From engaging with participants and the community, we try to offer educational activities which they feel may be lacking in the public school sector. Our summer camps and trips within the West Bank allow participants to learn more about their homeland, and become socially conscious individuals, within the safety of the center. The daily life of many Palestinians is made up of checkpoints, ID checks and questioning by soldiers when travelling around. The Center provides a sense of safety and security for participants.
  • Finally, our third goal is to promote gender equality. At the center, we pride ourselves in treating every individual as an equal and we organise activities which not only promote self-determination and growth, but female empowerment and equality. Girls in Palestine have an additional barrier, as there is a large gap in wage distribution among men and women and there are also other barriers experienced when seeking employment. We hope this will change in the future, and wish to provide activities such as a book club for young girls so they can have a positive start to their lives.

These activities additionally allow undergraduates and graduates to take part as volunteers, and build their skills as trainers. The economic situation in Palestine has created a high unemployment rate, and many young people are directly affected by this. We have tried to offer opportunities to fill this gap. Not only is the center an opportunity to learn new skills, but it allows many young people to meet internationals and engage in cultural exchanges as we host a variety of volunteers.

Beit Ummar:

Beit Ummar is a town in the Hebron Governorate, located 10 km north of Hebron city in the southern part of the West Bank, Palestine. The town is located on the Israeli bypass road (Route 60) between Hebron and Jerusalem in Area C, and is considered the northern gateway of the Hebron Governorate. The population is made up of approximately 18,300 residents - children and young people constitute the highest percentage of the population.

Beit Ummar is an agricultural town, and is famous for its grape vines and charming houses. It is also famous for its peaches, apricots and vegetables. In the summer it is always hot and sunny, and in winter the cold comes and brings snow to the hill tops. It is surrounded by six Israeli settlements and has been greatly affected by the occupation.

A minority of wealthy people are able to send their children to educational and recreational centers located in the cities of Hebron and Bethlehem, whilst most young people do not have this opportunity and we seek to mitigate this problem.

Why we need funding.

We need to raise funds of up to £5000, to be able to register our center as an official charity in the UK. By doing so, we would be able to expand our center and apply for additional funding so that our team can deliver high quality activities. We are asking those who support Palestine, young people worldwide, and those who are already familiar with the center, to make a donation so that we can achieve this goal.

We rely heavily on our volunteers and wish to be able to compensate them for their work in the future, and be able to expand the center to subsidise more activities and classes for participants who cannot afford them.

Any donation is welcomed and appreciated.

Love and solidarity,

The Tanweer team.

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