3d Print to Explore Region Clay for Thesis Project

3d Print to Explore Region Clay for Thesis Project

In my thesis project, I hope to build a ceramic 3d printer in order to research the effect that regional clay has on digital processes.

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My name is Nicholas Paley and I am a 5th year architecture student at the University of the West of England. As part of my design research module I am investigating the effect that regional clay has on digital process of 3d printing.

In short, I will source clay from around the UK, focusing on a variety of different superficial top soils. First, I will process these clays individually and analysing their properties through separating, moulding, and firing. There is suitable precedent for this research already and I expect to see a plethora of different colours and textures come out of this.

Is is within regional composites where I hope to find more unique and interesting outcomes. I hope to mix clays from different parts of the country in order to map colour gradient, properties and most importantly structural differences. This is where the 3d printer comes in! I want to load up my new found composites into a 3d extruder and test the structural capabilities by 3d printing generative architectural forms - so excited!

The 3d printer in question is a tried and tested 'Delta Printer' which is an open source design created by an amazing fella called Jonathan Keep. I have estimated the printer to cost £400 in parts and delievery after this and I look for nothing more.

I'm really excited about the prospect of researching further into this study this year and hope that if you can spare a few pounds then you will donate to my cause!

Thank you very much,

Nicholas Paley.

Photo credit to Stephen Hartwig.

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