New Home for the Reggae Caribbean Cookout

Bring our new home for the Reggae Caribbean Cookout in Birmingham to life. A authentic Jamaican style BBQ and Reggae music event.

We did it!

On 16th May 2017 we successfully raised £155 with 6 supporters in 28 days

So what is the Reggae Caribbean Cookout?

It's a good old fashioned Caribbean style BBQ.  Think Jerk Chicken, sweet Reggae, Ska and rock steady music, rum cocktails, rum cake, curry goat, rice and peas as well as Caribbean vegetarian dishes, also playing dominoes and you get the picture.

It's a great place to meet with friends and family, enjoy great food and good vibes.

Who am I  and Why I want to start this project

My name is Lou and I am the founder of 876 Street Food and the Reggae Caribbean Cookout.  I ran the Reggae Caribbean Cookout during summer 2016 at the Coffin Works museum in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham and it was a great success.

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control I am not able to hold this year's event at Coffin works museum Jewellery Quarter so the Reggae Caribbean Cookout needs a new home.

I have found a new location in Birmingham to hold this years events.

I want to make the new location as comfortable as possible.


Who's the Reggae Caribbean Cookout aimed at?

Anyone that enjoys authentic Jamaican food, Wray and Nephew Rum or Appleton Estate cocktails, cold Red Stripe beer and sweet Reggae music.

Having a event that specialises in authentic Jamaican streetfood and  Reggae music will be a great addition to the Birmingham entertainment scene. 

I want to provide a social network for people so they do not feel isolated within the Birmingham community.  I will form relationships with community organisations.   It's somewhere to meet friends, play dominoes and listen to Reggae.  

It's a place for all the family and somewhere that local Reggae singers and bands can show their talent.

Support Local Reggae Singers and Bands

The Reggae Caribbean Cookout will be a venue that gives a space for reggae singers and bands to perform.  It will be a specialist reggae venue like no other currently in Birmingham.  If your a budding singer you can also perform at open mic.

The resident DJ plays vintage Reggae, Ska and Rock Steady by vinyl.

Community Benefit

Food and music bring people together and people from all ethnic backgrounds have enjoyed the Reggae Caribbean Cookout.

As previously mentioned its my intention to work with existing community organisations to reach out to isolated and elderly people as the Reggae Caribbean Cookout is a great place socialise.   Social participation and social support is connected to good health and well-being.

I want to build  relationships with organisations that are able to help start a friendship / buddying programme so buddies can escort isolated or elderly people to the Reggae Caribbean Cookout.

The Reggae Caribbean Cookout will be a place where people with a interest in Reggae and authentic Caribbean food can come together, enjoy respect and self-esteem and build supportive and caring relationships.  

Affiliations and partnerships

The Reggae Caribbean cookout has been listed with a charity which helps people aged over 50 years old and experience isolation through a free and confidential helpline.

I have agreed a partnership with Uber to provide a promotional code which will allow new riders to get £15 free first ride to help get to the Reggae Caribbean Cookout.


The Reggae Caribbean Cookout was on BBC WM and we had a request to be featured in a culture magazine.

What will the money be used for?

To make the new location comfortable and attractive.

Decoration, dining area furniture  £1000

Portable mobile folding bar  & rewards £800

Crowdfunder fees & promotion £200

Please support this project and if you are unable to support it financially please help spread the word.

If you have any suggestions on how I can make improvements please let me know.  If you would like to get involved with this project or have any suggestions for suitable locations, you can email

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