Regenerate Rehabilitate

Regenerate Rehabilitate

Regenerate old industrial warehouses and factories in the old town area of the city center, providing accommodation and employment.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We plan to regenerate the old town area of Kingston upon Hull, bringing life back to the old industrial warehouses and office buildings that have fallen into dis-repair. 

We have close connections with the AA (Alchoholics Anonimous) and the NA (Narcotics Anonimous) and have found a large number of people in our area conquering there demons and trying to re-establish a foothold in society through hard work and dedication. Our project aims to offer employment and affordable accomodation for vulnerable and/or rehabilitated adults of all ages. It also offers a positive environment for personal development and reasurrance.

The business will reinvest profits in order to continue growing  and recycling similar properties in this area in order to bring life back into what was once a vibrant city center.