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REFUGYM aim to improve the mental and physical well-being of refugees throughout Greece by facilitating exercises from a mobile gym unit.

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REFUGYM will provide sports activities, by way of a mobile gym, to camps housing refugees throughout Greece.

REFUGYM will provide multiple exercise options for refugees to benefit from - group classes, individual training sessions and the facilitation of independent exercise. Classes will vary to help stimulate both physical and mental energy.


Through our collective experience in Greece, we observed that, thankfully, most refugees' basic needs are being met. What isn't being addressed however, is people's long-term health and mental well-being.

We know that refugees have suffered trauma which impacts on their mental and physical health. This need has yet to be addressed in Greece and REFUGYM will fill this vital gap.


REFUGYM will be a mobile unit, conducted from our campervan, bringing sporting equipment and facilitating exercises to every area in Greece where refugees are being accommodated. 


We will teach refugees to be trainers, in order to encourage the continuation of exercising after we have left.

We will also post YouTube videos of our classes, translated into their languages, for beneficiaries to watch in their own time.



REFUGYM will cater, inclusively, to men, women and children. We will not leave anybody in the refugee community out, because we recognise that exercise is therapeutic for everybody!


We have a small core team, and the money will be spent on supporting us on the road: for subsistence such as food, gas and car maintenance - and most critically, our sporting equipment!

REFUGYM is a 2 year project, with ongoing fundraising.

Our long-term aim is to raise enough money to leave equipment at each camp we visit, to further help encourage the continuation of addressing mental health through exercise.

Money will also be spent on recreational activities for refugees - such as hiring football grounds, hiking or swimming trips.