Refugees Welcome - NUFC supporters fund

Refugees Welcome - NUFC supporters fund

Raising money to print 'Refugees welcome' banners for the West Ham match (14/09) All further proceeds to be donated to related charities.

We did it!

On 18th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £620 with 35 supporters in 14 days

Project aim

Raising money to take 'Refugees welcome' banners to the West Ham match (14/09) All further proceeds to be donated to related charities.

About the project

Many of us have been shocked by the scenes occuring across Europe and we want to bring people together to send a message and make a difference.

Inspired by the reaction of football fans in Germany and elsewhere, we are raising money to suport refugees across Europe. Our plan is to take 'refugees welcome' banners to the Premier League match between Newcastle United FC and West Ham United FC on the 14th of September in order to raise awareness and money for the cause through the beautiful game.

The money raised here will be used to pay for banners which can be reused at other matches, with all further proceeds going to charities helping with the refugee crisis. The charities we hope to raise money for are the West End Refugee Service in Newcastle ( and the Oxfam refugee crisis appeal (

Our target is to raise £1000 - that's less than 3p for each person attending the match, and around 45p for each away supporter. Nothing to any one of us, but collectively that would make a massive difference to the millions of refugees desperately in need of food, water and shelter.

Let's prove that football can be a cause for good!

Update 10/09 - having raised over £500 in the first 5 days I have purchased a banner for around £40 to take to the match and raise awareness. All other money will go towards helping refugees.

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