Refugees own human rights too

Refugees own human rights too

. To fund my expenses like meals and accommodation for 3 months in Germany. . To order Bibles and teaching materials for the refugees.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

  To order Bibles and teaching materials for the refugees. To fund my expenses like meals and accomodation for 3 months at Germany.

How the funding being used?

I’m third year student currently studying at University of Edinburgh. Origin from Malaysia. I’m plan to teach and preach the gospel to the Germany refugees during this summer.  I'm plan to order the The New Testament bibles (Recovery version) from the Living Stream Ministry which cost 12USD each. I plan to order 200 plus bibles with 1600 pounds raised through Crowcube. We will order some used beginner reader books from Amazon UK. Edinburgh Charity shop, Oxfam and Salvation Army have agreed to donate some elementary books for the refugees. And the remaining 600 pound is used to fund meals and accommodation when I in Hamburg for 3 month. I hope you guys understand that I'm only students with no source of income. Thus, I need funding when  in Germany.

Where did I get my inspiration?

Last year, I met a Somali girl called Nawa at University of Nottingham’s Malaysia campus. Nawa shared with me her life experience. Nawa feels grateful for being able to receive education although she has being a ridicule among her classmates whom are 10 years younger than her. She testified there is social bias among the refugees that the refugees can’t obtain higher tertiary education. Nawa revealed that she once thought that basic necessities like shelter and food is more than enough for a refugee. She don’t dare to think about her right to education. I was stunned for a while as I cannot really apprehend the refugees’ conditions as I consider I lucky enough to live a life full of bed of roses. Thus, I had joined Nawa to volunteer to teach at the Fugee School in Kuala Lumpur for 2 months. Below is the picture of the Somali students I taught last year. This summer I had set up my mind to teach the younger refugees in Germany. Meanwhile, preach the gospel to the refugees, the savior called Jesus Christ to become the refugees’ hope and fait

I really appreciated for every cents as your contributions mean a lot to the refugees. You may not be able to join us to Germany, but you can show your concerns, supports and love for the refugees through the donations. We can only apprehend someone hardships if we experience it ourselves. I'm TRULY believe my experience in Germany will EMPOWER me to spread the humanitarian crisis to people in Edinburgh and Malaysia.