Refugees deserve humane media coverage

Refugees deserve humane media coverage

Help us hold the press to account for demonising refugees.

We did it!

On 29th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £35 with 3 supporters in 21 days

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Help us hold the press to account for demonising refugees.

A small amount of money will allow us to publicly name, shame and campaign against newspapers using callous language and misleading or wholly inaccurate data when talking about refugees.

Together we need to change UK media so they stop pushing politicians to act stupidly in response to this crisis. 

How it works

We're sick of newspapers portraying refugees and migrants as a threat. This climate of fear poisons debate and gives politicians an excuse not to act.

MediaWatch exposes press myths with the facts that argue for positive change.  We can make a difference - but we need your help.

We have one member of staff dedicated to writing articles, researching, getting corrections and running this campaign every day.

So far our work has corrected bogus stories in the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and the Sun. And we want to do so much more!

We've seen how public pressure about refugees can force a change in UK policy and in the press. Now we need to use this momentum to keep pushing back against those newspapers; to make sure the press cover this issue honestly - and hold politicians to their word.

What we need

We can run two whole months of this project with just £3,000. This will cover our staff and admin costs to keep pushing the press for better portrayal of refugees while this crisis continues.

Why now?

This is important right now because UK policies are still being hashed out, and we must keep up the pressure and not let the issue fall off the agenda.

We have a unique opportunity to make a lasting difference.  

Your money will fund:

- Stories exposing press myths on migration and asylum

- Campaigns and petitions to improve media coverage

- Get corrections published in papers that run migration myths

- Original research and journalism on refugees

Support us now by clicking the pledge button.

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Thank you for caring - let's keep up the fight!

- Adam


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