Refugee Crisis Solidarity

Refugee Crisis Solidarity

Support a Volunteer Going to Help the Migrants in Calais  

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Calais Migrant Solidrity

Funds Needed for 1 Month of Volunteering in the Jungle Camp


In January I am driving to Calais to volunteer in the unofficial refugee camp known as the Jungle, for 4 weeks.  I will be working for the NGO Care4Calais.

For anyone who doesn't know, the Jungle is a tent city housing thousands of desperate migrants attempting to come to the UK to start a new life. Many have fled from war torn parts of the world like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. When they arrive in Calais, they find themselves caught in the middle of a legislative game between France and Britain - neither of whom will allow them to settle in their repective countries - so they are forced to live in tents without any of the comforts we take for granted in our cosy warm houses in the winter.

The migrants in Calais are supported by a handful of small NGOs as the larger high profile ones were persuaded to pull out by the British and French governments.  The NGOs that are present rely heavily on volunteers to help them feed, clothe and provide medical care to the migrants.  

Volunteers are self-funding which is why I am appealing to you to help fund my trip to Calais.

I have bought a car, not only to get me there, but to fill with food, clothes and medical supplies to donate to Care4Calais. I will also be using it to distribute aid to the migrants and shuttle other volunteers to and from work.

Apart from donated items of winter clothes, other things I will be taking are food and medical supplies.  The organisations in Calais ask for food and medicine to be donated in identical packages ready for immediate distribution and have provided me with a list of required items. Based on prices at a leading British supermarket (beginning with T and ending with O) I have calculated the cost of a food parcel and a medical parcel which will be detailed below.  As well as buying these myself with donated funds, I will also be asking the residents of Bristol, where I am currently living, to donate them.


Breakdown of Costs:

Car : £250 (I was lucky to find a baragain!)

Petrol: £130 (This is for the return trip to Calais and two full tanks for the month while I'm there)

Return Eurotunnel Ticket: £157

Breakfast and Dinner for 27 days: £200 (I don't know if I will be in self-catering accommodation or not so have estimated generously just in case I have to eat out for a month)

Food parcels: £206 (1 parcel costs £20.60 and I would like to take 10 - I don't think I can fit any more in my car it's only little!)

Medical Parcels: £554.40 (1 medical parcel costs £12.32 and this would buy 45 - but if more than my requested funds are raised I would like to take many more)

GRAND TOTAL: £1497.40








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