Refugee Crisis Calais - Mens shoes/Mobile phones

Refugee Crisis Calais - Mens shoes/Mobile phones

Crucial fundraising for mens shoes and mobile telephones for refugees in Calais.

We did it!

On 7th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £330 with 8 supporters in 56 days

Hey to all you great people, its makes me so happy that you’ve clicked on this page! Wether you decide to donate or not, I hope you take something away with you from visiting this little fundraising page. I am fundraising money to put towards mens shoes and mobile telephones whilst volunteering here at a charity, L'auberge des migrants.

It shocked me to see so many men shoeless, sharing shoes and walking around in flip flops held together with tape or a nail.. etc. Shoes are so important to protect these guys against the harsh conditions here, also with the weather getting colder, without shoes health risks are higher. Around 80% of the residents in camp are male and theres a huge huge huge shortage of Mens shoes. There is currently not enough shoes here in the warehouse for them to be distributed fairly. The quicker we make the number rise the quicker they can get out to camp, keeping feet warm and protected!

I understand that mobile phones can be seen a luxury and you may be thinking surely there are more essential items needed than mobile telephones in the camp. However with the many of the residents having family far away, mobile phones are really important for them to stay in contact with each other. There is also an amazing video on BBC media action, called - your phone is now a refugees phone, please watch this on your smart phone and it will give you an insight into how helpful a mobile phone can be. Here is the link: Many of the people here get their phones broken or stolen on the journey to Calais, making it really hard for them to contact anyone outside of the camp. 

Also if you would like to donate but don’t necessarily feel like you want to donate to these specific items, there are so many other areas which need funding too. Feel free to donate through the L’auberge/Help Refugees website which is . You can visit the website to see all the great things they do in the camp and also if you want to come down and donate items yourself there is a list posted every week of priority things they need.

Here's a good informative read talking about the reality of whats going on here in Calais and what the organisations do:

I will keep you updated on the progress as the money comes through and send emails out to all you who donate letting you know what will happen with the money and how the items will be distributed fairly. Don’t hesitate to any questions please! All your help is appreciated massively. 

Thank you so much. Becca x

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