Refugee action. People need a chance to live again

Refugee action. People need a chance to live again

Hope to raise funds for necessities that will provide refugees with some of the basics that we take for granted. Please Help. x

We did it!

On 23rd Oct 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 42 days

Our aim is to raise a minimum of £500 to buy key products for the sake of many refugees personal needs. Babies, young children and teenagers are in desperate need of health, medical and sanitary products to keep their basic health and cleanliness at a basic standard. Autumn is drawing in and the nights are already cold therefor-waterproof clothing as well as blankets and fresh clothes for babies, children and adults could not be more important. This problem WILL not go away so help us to help the less fortunate humans of this world. They have fled from war, poverty, violence and abuse. They have the same basic human rights that you and I take for granted so help us by donating a small amount so that we can put together a drop off of needed and vital supplies.Please dig deep into your hearts and pockets to help us to help provide what we can to shine a small amount of light on there less fortunate sitations. 


Warm Regards. 


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