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Refreshing a tired environment

by Airdrie Central Bowling Club in Airdrie, Scotland, United Kingdom

Refreshing a tired environment
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To upgrade the disabled access and walkways within the boundaries of the Club, in keeping with the surrounding Parkland.

by Airdrie Central Bowling Club in Airdrie, Scotland, United Kingdom

All walkways for both able bodied and disabled, and surrounding areas of the playing area are laid in slabs. Over the years, the foundations and slabbing have become disrupted, and as a result there has been movement of the walkways.
 Disabled access to the clubhouse is non-existent, and as a result, we have physically to lift wheelchairs and mobility scooters up steps into the Clubhouse. We have disabled members and spouses. This would also apply to young families with prams, who also struggle.    

   Funds would be used to lift the existing pathways, level the foundations, and hopefully upgrade to lay tarmac on the walkways. Having spoken to Contractors, some element of drainage would also have to be addressed. We would also re-route the pathways slightly, to allow for disabled access directly into the Clubhouse, as access at the moment requires steps to be overcome.    

We feel that the local mood is such that they would support an upgraded facility in the heart of their Community. We have spoken to several people in the immediate vicinity of the club, as well as elected representatives of the community. Although we have not actively canvassed in the area, we have spoken to several residents who have asked about the facilities available. We have said that we are looking to upgrade the facility and this has been met with an enthusiastic response. All have been very enthusiastic about the possibility that they will have an upgraded area, which complements the parkland in which it is situated.    

A disabled group have expressed an interest in returning to use the facility. They have used the green and facility previously, but felt that the disabled access was now a matter of health and safety issues, and withdrew their visits. During on-going discussions they have expressed an interest in returning.

St. Andrews Hospice is a 5 minute walk from our facility. A few families have brought loved ones in wheelchairs to watch the bowls if the weather has been nice. If the improvements can be carried out we would approach the hospice and advise of the facility and that the access has been improved. We would welcome anyone without any reservations whatsoever using the facility in this capacity.    

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