Reforming U.K Cannabis Law

by Reforming U.K Cannabis Law in Hoddesdon, England, United Kingdom

Reforming U.K Cannabis Law


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To reform the U.K drugs policy and to make medical Cannabis affordable and available on the NHS. To regulate and remove the black market.

by Reforming U.K Cannabis Law in Hoddesdon, England, United Kingdom

We want to build funds to challenge the U.K Government on it drugs policy. We also want to get in to the medical market to stop the monopoly that is artificially fixing the price of medical cannabis products, we want to make it affordable and available, so the NHS has no excuse about the cost.

Our aim is to apply for licences and purchase agricultural land to grow both hemp and cannabinoid products for medical and medicinal purposes.

We also aim to challenge why Theresa May and the Drugs minister voted down reform when their spouses profit form lucrative licences of the growth, sale and export of cannabinoid products. We also want to know why it is so difficult to obtain such licences while it seems so easy for politician spouses to do so effectively handing them a monopoly on cannabinoid products. 

We also want to push for legalisation to control and regulate the product.

We want to liberate those that have wrongly been sent to prison and push for compensation to compensate those that have been wrongly jailed for a plant that is safer than alcohol and cigarettes.

We want to remove the black market from gangs so that monies can be taxable and put back in to our economy. 

If we succeed in this endeavour we would like to be a nation wide leader in this sector and set up charity to help fund the police and rehabilitation with part of the profits made from the legalisation.

To end the war on drugs we need to end the black market and that is to legalise and regulate. This will make our country safer by removing the poor and harmful qualities that exists on today’s black market. 

We also want to fund rehabilitation for any who wants to get clean. But this is only possible if we become more liberal on this issue.

So far, the family’s of certain politicians have had easy access to this market while the rest of us have no say. Crowdfunding my endeavour is a chance to challenge the U.K government and remove the monopoly that the elite have in this market.

All monies funded will go directly to financing the challenge and to set up a fair industry that is currently a monopoly.


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