Sculpted | Turning plastic bottles into furniture

by samgueterbock in Bristol, Bristol, England

We did it
On 28th March 2018 we successfully raised £5,982 with 70 supporters in 14 days

Help us create the world's first 3D printed furniture made from recycled plastic bottles

by samgueterbock in Bristol, Bristol, England

New stretch target

A huge to thanks to everyone who has supported the project so far! We have been amazed by the fantastic response we've had.

Owing to this success we're setting a new stretch target of £8000 to help us build an improved prototype of our gigantic 3D printer which uses recycled plastic pellets as the ‘ink’. 


This stretch target will enable us to incorporate a pellet extruder into our next generation of giant 3D printer. This will help us by...

  • Massively reducing our production costs, making our products more affordable. 
  • Enabling us to use a wider variety of recycled plastic waste. 
  • Allowing us to incorporate mixtures of different coloured plastic into our designs. 

 Thank you and please pledge -  the sculpted team.

  \\                                 THE VISION                               //

We are a group of  three engineers bringing together our passion for sustainability,  design and technology. We love 3D printing. It gives us total creative freedom to design things which were previously impossible to make. 

We set out to build a gigantic 3D printer in an effort to produce bespoke, locally manufactured furniture at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. We also knew that we didn't want to contribute to the endless stream of plastic waste making its way into the world's oceans and landfill, so  we designed our printer to use recycled plastic waste as the raw material. 

 \\                                 SO FAR...                               //


We are currently putting the finishing touches on our 1.5 metre cubed 3D printer and aiming to have a fully functioning machine by April 2018.  Our printer isn't quite up to building furniture just yet, so the rewards we are offering are a selection of smaller products we have designed. 

We have been working hard over the last six months  to design our machine to be faster and bigger than anything on the market, and we have been experimenting with lots of different recycled plastic to find what works best for our machine.  So far we have mainly been testing using plastic recycled from plastic bottles, like in this tea light holder which we are offering as a reward!


 \\                          WHY WE NEED YOU                   //

 1)  At the moment our printer runs using recycled plastic filament designed for small desktop printers - which becomes very expensive when building something as big as a chair.  For the process to be financially viable we need to extrude our own filament from waste plastic. Part of your pledge will go towards buying the  machine we need to do this!

2) We are currently based in a basement of Bristol University's engineering building, but our time here is coming to an end as we soon graduate. We need some money for a small studio space where we can base ourselves and start printing recycled furniture. 

 \\                                 REWARDS                                //

A laser cut thank you card  (£4)


A handwritten, laser cut card designed by the sculpted team as thank you for your support!

A pair of tea light holders (£12)


These parametrically designed tea-light holders are 3D printed from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

 Recycled Bowl (£15)


This small bowl is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and made on our giant 3D printer, a perfect little pot for keys and change!

Custom 3D printed text (£30)  


We can convert text (or a line drawing) of your choice into a 3D object made of recycled plastic on our machine. (Max dimensions  700mm x 300)

 Vase (£35)


This  vase is printed on our giant 3D printer in the shape of a paper groceries bag, it's made using a mixture of  recycled food packaging and plastic bottles.

Lamp  (£45)


The simple lamp showcases our signature layered effect which results from the 3D printing process, it's made using a mixture of recycled food packaging and plastic bottles. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Thanks for your support, every little helps!

Help us reach 30 backers and Santander will double our funding goal, you'll get a thank you email from the sculpted team :)

£4 or more

Thankyou Card

You will receive a hand written card which has been designed and laser cut by the sculpted team.

£12 or more

Recycled Tealight Holders

A pair of beautiful 3D printed tea light holders make from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

£15 or more

Decorative Bowl

A small bowl 3D printed from 100% recycled plastic bottles! Perfect little pot for keys and change.

£30 or more

Custom 3D Printed Text

Have text of your choice (up to 8 characters) printed from recycled plastic bottles. Text will be printed approximately 500mm x 300mm. (Please message us on facebook to confirm exactly what you want to print)

£35 or more

3D Printed Vase

A one of a kind vase printed using 100% recycled plastic bottles, designed in the shape of a paper bag.

£45 or more

3D Printed Lamp

Printed on our giant 3D printer from recycled plastic bottles, attached to woven fabric cord.

£1,000 or more

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate support.

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