Fund a Trip to Borneo to Reforest and Educate Kids

Fund a Trip to Borneo to Reforest and Educate Kids

Our aim is to plant trees, improve underprivileged children's education and maintain animal habitats.

We did it!

On 24th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £105 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Borneo, unfortunately, is hugely affected by the impacts of deforestation. Animals are being forced out of their habitats and 85% of flood plains (fantastic land for growing crops with fertile soil and access to water) is taken up by plantations. With the trees being cut down it leads to lack of habitats and safe places for animals to live, meaning they are forced out and left vulnerable. This vulnerability will lead to the death of an animal and is the worst scenario, its extinction. Lack of trees also affects the ground and soil, without trees you remove vital processes of the water cycle such as interception (when the leaves from trees stop the water from reaching the ground). This could lead to floods which will severely impact nearby residents and their crops.

As well as having serious deforestation impacts, Borneo is also lacking a good education system with a large percentage of children not carrying on secondary education from primary education. The fact that children are illiterate is a big deal as it prevents them from getting a good job with decent money and it also means they have a lack of communication skills.

By funding this project you will be sending 4 young adults abroad to Borneo for 4 weeks to help support communities by teaching them basic English skills in villages that are in the jungle. They will be cleaning up beaches, removing polluting waste from the sea. This will then be used to help build structures and facilities, E.g. a toilet from sand and mud filled plastic bottles. This will be carried out for around 10 days. The young adults will then be spending a week to 10 days in a forest carrying out the process of reforestation.

These impacts should be the responsibility of the government, however, they won't amend their mistakes. This is where you come in. By donating you can help the protection of forests by reforestation, improve the education of children and ensure they have a good future.

As we are young adults it's very difficult for us to raise the money that we need, this is only a fraction of it, however, we believe that with resilience, perseverance and hope we can achieve our goal of raising £17,160.

The money that you donate will cover all of our fees, flights, travel insurance, food, accommodation, trees and much more. We would really appreciate it even if you donated a small amount, it all adds up in the end. 

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